Walmart Avengers Comic Collection #02

8 Overall Score
Sculpt: 9/10
Paint: 8/10
Articulation: 8/10

Nice display packaging | Amazing new sculpt for Hulk | Metallic paints for Iron Man & Loki | Gritty paint wash on Hulk | Highly articulated Hulk | Hawkeye's gear | Near perfect accuracy for entire set | Re-release of rare figures | Great value

Redundant title | Questionable Iron Man sculpt | Quality control paint issues | Lacking accessories

Walmart has released two store exclusive 3.75″ figure sets with Avengers Comic Series packaging. Avengers Comic Collection #01 features Captain America, Thor, Modern Iron Man & Black Widow and #02 includes Hulk, Classic Iron Man, Marvel’s Hawkeye & Loki. While the packaging says Avengers, these are all figures from Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line.


The box slightly larger than the usual team packs and the figures are displayed well. Open window display shows off the figures well. Front has the movie Avengers artwork and branding and a Walmart sticker (it’s an exclusive). Back of the package shows off photos of figures and gives a small bio. There is also a picture of the other Walmart set, Collectiom #1. Only complaint about the packaging is that the labeling is really redundant, “The Avengers Comic Series Avengers Comic Collection”. I wonder if this has anything to do with Comic Avengers? Title issue aside, it’s a nice piece for MOC collectors.



Hulk is the star of this set and it has a lot to do with the fact he’s got a brand new sculpt. While re-using some pieces from Wave 12’s World War Hulk, he’s got a brand new lower half, left arm and head sculpt. His body shows plenty of wear, it looks like he’s been through hell and back. His detailed muscles almost looks like they are covered in light scars or rough hide. Even the pants are detailed, you can see his pockets! This savage Hulk has a fantastically menacing growl. Hulk’s sculpt blows the previous releases out of the water, no Marvel Universe collection is complete without this tank.

The rest of the figures in this set are straight up repacks. Hawkeye (Secret Wars Comic Pack #9) has nice detailing on his costume, especially the chainmail around his shoulders. Iron Man (Gigantic Battles Wave 2 Goliath) is the only re-pack that’s questionable, i’m not a fan of the repulsor blast hands because he looks silly in any pose that’s not shooting blasts and it’s a pretty small body compared to other figures. Iron Man’s devil horned mask is still a nice touch and his armor has plenty of detailing. Loki (Gigantic Battles Wave 1 Frost Giant) is simple but it’s his head sculpt that makes this a fantastic figure. The evil grin combined with the horns and ponytail makes for one of the most unique looking heads in the Marvel Universe line.

1 amazing brand new sculpt, 2 great ones and 1 slightly questionable re-use. I’d say that’s really good for a 4 pack.





Except for the fact one of Hulk’s eyes is smaller than the other, he’s got a perfect paint job. A very light wash over his dark green skin and purple pants give him a gritty look without going overboard. With the teeth individually painted i’m surprised there wasn’t any issues. This is a figure that you’ll probably have to inspect in store to make sure there’s no QC issues.

The other figures have the same paint jobs as their previous releases. Iron Man has the usual bright metallic red and the almost glittery yellow-gold for the rest of the armor. Hawkeye’s got a light wash over his chainmail and subtle shading over the blues in his costume. Loki uses mostly dulled colors except for a metallic gold on his chest with painted on scaling that really makes him standout.

Some quality control issues such as Iron Man’s eyes painted badly, Hulk having one smaller eye and splotches on Loki give this set a less than perfect rating.





Hulk’s mostly new sculpt has a smashing 24+ POA.  Swivel neck, wrists & waist with swivel/hinge ankles & shoulders. Ball-jointed head & torso and double-hinged knees. Like a lot of the larger figures, Hulk also has thigh cuts. As far as i’m concerned this figure only lacks rocker ankles, otherwise the articulation would be perfect.

Hawkeye has 22+ POA. Ball-jointed neck, torso, hips and ball-hinged shoulders. Swivel biceps, wrists & calves. Double-hinged knees and hinged ankles & elbows. Hawkeye would have benefited from rocker ankles and cut thighs. A swashbuckling archer needs articulation for exciting poses.

While using different sculpts, Iron Man & Loki share the same articulation at 22+ POA. Ball-jointed neck, hips and ball-hinged torso, shoulders & ankles. Double-hinged knees & hinged elbows. Swivel wrists & biceps.

Complaints aside on the re-packs, they still have decent enough articulation. Hulk’s near perfect articulation makes up for the older figures.




Hawkeye comes with the same bow, arrow & quiver from his Secret Wars release. Iron Man has two of those awful cone shaped repulsor blasts.  Nothing included with Hulk & Loki, would’ve been nice to get a cosmic cube or a staff for Loki. While Hawkeye’s gear is great but this set is definitely lacking in accessories.


Comic Book Accuracy





For the most part Hulk has always been a giant green skinned monster with ripped purple pants, this figure is a perfect example of it. I believe it strongly resembles Marc Silvestri’s hulk, especially in the face. For a modern looking Hulk it’s 100% comic book accuracy.

Iron Man’s look is based off his Model II Proto-Classic armor but isn’t all that accurate. The Proto-Classic is the only version that had the horned helmet but it didn’t have the discs on the waist that this figure does. This figure also lacks the open eyes on the mask and the large yellow belt buckle.

Hawkeye’s costume was worn during the early 2000’s and during his short lived Vol. 3 ongoing series. You can tell the difference between the classic costume and this version by the fingerless gloves. It’s still a nice stand-in for his 70’s appearances. It’s kind of strange since it was originally released as a Secret Wars figure since he didn’t wear this costume then. Strange choice aside, it’s perfect.

Loki’s silver age look is captured perfectly. His giant horns, scaling, pony-tail and colors are all perfect. No complaints about this one.

Hulk may be modern while the other Iron Man, Hawkeye & Loki have their classic looks but they’re all pretty accurate to the comics.





While three out of four figures are straight repacks, it’s still a great value at less than $30. You’re getting two hard to find figures (Hawkeye & Loki) and an early release of the new Hulk. I already had Hawkeye but Loki will be joining my Avengers villains and new Hulk will be proudly displayed with the Defenders. Hulk’s single card release (Wave 18) won’t be out until August so there’s no reason not to pick this up.


I’ve always had horrible luck finding Marvel Universe exclusives (like Gigantic Battles) at Walmart, so i’d like to say THANK YOU to Colder Soldier from the Toyark Toy Forums for sending me this. As of right now Walmart hasn’t put this online so it’s in-store only for this exclusive. Toys”R”Us will be getting a similar box set (#03 in the series) that will feature concept versions of movie figures.


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