War Fighters

8 Overall Score
Art: 9/10
Ease to learn: 8/10
Skill needed: 7/10

The art.

Extremely luck based.

War Fighters

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War Fighter is a card game that is a mix of War and Rock-Paper-Scissors but it’s more then that. The way the cards are set up it’s more open source.

The game is played with a 50 card deck with each player getting half the deck, mostly composed of fighters that are either square, circle or ex which is how it plays out like rock-paper-scissors square beats circle, circle beats ex and ex beats square. There are also 4 leaders, 2 per deck, and to win you have to collect all 4 leaders.

When you fighters of the same attribute fight it’s war. Both players place the top 3 cards of their deck face down and fight again, winner gets all cards on the field.

Leaders are unbeatable unless you use another addition to the game, attack modifiers. Along with fighters and leaders each deck gets attack defense and truce cards. If using a losing card, say an ex against a circle, you can add an attack to win. If your opponent uses an attack against you, you can block the attack with defense. To beat a leader you need any fighter with 2 unblocked attacks. There’s also 1 power card which can act as 2 attacks or 2 defenses, but since there’s only 1 it’s usually left out of the game.

There’s also a truce card which when played adds all cards on the field back to the players hands. This is a problem I have with the game, the rules aren’t exactly clear on what happens to the truce when it’s used. Is it counted as the cards that get returned to your hand? If so then it just sets you up for a loop, so playing with my brother we had a rule that using the truce would put it in the discard pile.

There are 10 different deck art styles to choose from and due to the nature of the game it’s possible for each player to have their own 51 card deck, you’d just need to modify the rules so that the winner is the first person to get all 8 leaders.

Like I said before, the game is designed as open source. The cards are all art with the attribute in the top corner so the cards can be used for memory match games.

The game is okay, very luck based. My brother was winning but I ended up getting both his leaders in one war and won.

It’s being sold for a good cause with some profit being donated to the National Kidney Foundation.

Check it out Here

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