Would You Rather (2012)

7.5 Overall Score
Direction: 8/10
Acting: 7/10
Effects: 8/10

Entertaining, hardly predictable.

It's seems like the writer tried to hard.

Would You Rather

Periscope Entertainment, IFC Midnight

Directed by David Guy Levy

Written by Steffen Schlachtenhaufen

Starring Brittany Snow, Sasha Grey and Jeffrey Combs


As you guys may know, “Would You Rather” is a reference to a game that children play. An example “Would you rather kiss brace face, pimply nose Steven or lick a dog’s anus hole?” That kind of game! Well, this film showcases the grown up version of the game with adults belittling and torture each other.

A young woman named Iris returns home to take care of her sick brother after the death of their parents. It sucks for Iris because all of the financial responsibility has fallen on her. Completely stressed about how to pay for all the bills that are piling up, she’s introduced to a man named Shepard Lambrick, who offers to solve all the financial problems. All she would have to do is attend a dinner party, where she will participate in a game. If she wins, she will receive the money. So, Iris agrees to the invitation and weirdly asks no questions, but ok. For all she knows, he could want her to dance naked in a pool of human feces, but like I stated before, she’s completely desperate.

Upon arriving at Mr. Lambrick’s mansion, she meets the other seven players; which include a tough girl with a bad attitude, a recovering alcoholic with a gambling debt, an old woman in a wheel chair, a random black guy with an afro, a haunted veteran and other desperate individuals. Mr. Lambrick’s help includes his servant Bevans (What an hilarious name!), an ex-SAS, and Mr. Lambrick’s no name son, whose more twisted than his Father. Before the game begins, the participants have dinner. Here, Iris discovers her first challenge. As a vegetarian for many years, she’s offered a whopping $10 GRAND to eat a steak. And from then, the game “Would You Rather” begins!

The rules in this game are simple, and the players learn that if they want to win, blood must be spilled.  This includes stabbing, electrocuting, or whipping each other. Unfortunately, this film is not as intense as it should have been, but it is brutal. It escalates as the evening progresses and begins to make you wonder some things. Example: How desperate would you be if someone you love is dying? Would you rather receive pain or give it? I left the movie really pondering these things.

Overall, I don’t think this film did anything unique. It reminded me of the typical torture films. On the other hand, it was fun with a hint of dark humor. So, if you have time, I say give it a go!



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