ZBOX April 2015: Animation

9.4 Overall Score
Quality: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Variety: 10/10

Big Hero 6 Funko POP! | Variant cover of IDW's Uncle Scrooge | Retro Transformers stress ball | A solid value that sticks to it's theme while having a nice variety


Subscription Box ZBOX

Theme “The Monthly Geeky Gift Box”

Price £19.99 ($32.98)

Shipping FREE (UK) | International shipping varies on location

IMG_20150528_122439From UK-retailer Zavvi is the ZBOX. If you’re not familiar with Zavvi, it was originally the Virgin Megastores which then became Zavvi stores. The stores ended up closing but they rebranded and relauched as a strictly online store selling video games, dvds, clothes and collectibles.

Their subscription box ‘ZBOX’ is similar to other geeky-type boxes but each month has a very specific theme. This month’s theme is Animation.

ZBOX arrived in a large black bag and inside of the black bag was their large black box. Phew, say that ten times fast. The box features their logo on the front.


I have to stop right here and point out how awesome the box art is, INSIDE of the box.

IMG_20150528_122823Funko POP!

From Disney’s Big Hero 6 it’s a POP! vinyl figure of Hiro Hamada.



IMG_20150528_122847Disney Imagine Bullyland

I’ve never heard of ‘Imagine Bullyland’ but this is pretty much a small blind-bag envelope with a Disney toy. This one happened to be the truck from Cars.



IMG_20150528_122950Ultimate Spider-Man Candy Sticks

A box of the old candy cigarettes now called candy sticks with a Spider-Man sticker.



IMG_20150528_123126South Park Magnet

A nice-sized South Park magnet featuring Eric Cartman.







IMG_20150528_123140Transformers Stress Ball

It’s a retro packaging & style Transformers Bumblebee foam stress ball.



IMG_20150528_123051Thundercats Button

A Thundercats button featuring Lion-o!







IMG_20150528_123323Thundercats Lenticular Postcard

More Thundercats! It’s a lenticular postcard that switches between the Thundercats logo and Lion-o.



IMG_20150528_123348Uncle Scrooge #1

This variant cover comic book is exclusive to ZBOX/Zaavi and it’s of IDW’s new Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge.



IMG_20150528_123212ZBOX Magazine

Instead of a simple item card ZBOX includes their own magazine that details all of the items and features some cool articles. I enjoyed the piece where the staff picks their favorite cartoon characters.


IMG_20150528_122722With the comic and the Funko POP! pretty much paying for the box, Zavvi’s ZBOX is a pretty solid value considering everything else you get. I really dig the lenticular card and the retro Transformers stress ball.

If you’re looking for another fun geeky subscription box option, consider importing the ZBOX.


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Disclosure: A complimentary ZBOX Subscription Box was given for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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