Zodiac Starforce #1

7.5 Overall Score
Art: 7/10
Dialogue: 8/10
Story: 7/10

Super colorful and bright.

Lacks a little detail.

Zodiac Starforce #1
(W)Kevin Panetta, (A)Paulina Ganucheau, (C/A)Marguerite Sauvage
Dark Horse Comics

An elite group of teenage girls with magical powers have sworn to protect our planet against dark creatures . . . as long as they can get out of class!

These high-school girls aren’t just combating math tests. They’re also battling monsters! But when an evil force infects leader Emma, she must work with her team to save herself—and the world—from the evil Diana and her mean-girl minions!

Zodiac Starforce is the story of a group of girls with magical powers, given to them by a goddess so they can protect to world from evil. Using the zodiac seems to be an odd choice for only four heroines, and why they would so happily work with someone who will easily cast them aside are some sticking points, but if you’re a fan of the magical girl genre, then this might be right up your alley.

I’m torn on the art work. I like the colors and how bright and shiny everything feels, but the lack of detail really does bother me. The backgrounds are simple, the character design feels a little dumbed down so that’s easy to drawn, and some things do look a bit off from time to time. Overall, I enjoy it, but some of the flaws nag at me throughout. It’s good, but I think it could be better.

And I could say the same thing about the story. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I feel like it’s very familiar. A group of super powers, an all-powerful being leading them, and an enemy they thought they were done with… that could probably be said for a dozen different series. Such generalities can be forgiven for now, but I really hope they make that premise their own soon.

This book could have a hard time finding an audience. I’m not sure it’s strong enough to stand out in the magical girl realm, and I’m not sure it would pull in any one who wasn’t already a fan of that. It’s worth taking a look at, but they’ve got to do something to set it apart quickly, or I’m afraid it’ll just fall to the side of the road and be forgotten about.



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