Zombie Tramp (Ongoing) #1

8 Overall Score
Art: 8/10
Dialoque: 8/10
Story: 8/10

Zombie Elvis!

Is room 347 really on the 8th floor?

Dan Mendoza, TMChu

Action Lab Entertainment


A magical zombie hooker hitchhikes to Vegas and starts eating Johns, until she pisses off the local pimp. It’s funny, it’s well-drawn, and the zombie has more personality than a lot of living folks I know.

Zombie Tramp is a fairly regular zombie, except she knows magic that allows her to appear human, and attractive. It’s a neat twist on a zombie yarn that really helped this comic feel a little fresher than a lot of other zombie stuff, which I feel is starting to grow old. I like that she isn’t really portrayed as a mindless killing machine, or even a bad guy at all, really. She’s shown mostly dining on people of ill repute. We might even be able to root for her in the long run.

The writing is better than average. The little story there is in this issue is simple enough, but the little touches knock it up a notch. The dialog isn’t bad, but it’s not shining yet either. I’m hoping Zombie Tramp will have some more time for one-liners or something soon.

The art is really where this book shines. It’s not an easy thing to admit that I find a decaying corpse sexy, but I do. She’s scantily clad throughout, and there is some nudity, but the book doesn’t get carried away with it either. I didn’t expect that from a book with “tramp” in the title. Sex aside, the art is detailed and colorful and solid throughout.

I like this kind of comic. It’s a fun read, and it’s got pretty pictures. It doesn’t take itself serious at all, and neither should you. The main character is a sexy zombie wizard prostitute, you kinda know what to expect from that. If you’re interested in that at all, I don’t think Zombie Tramp will let you down.





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