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June 25, 2016 -

All in all, this is an extremely well made and detailed action figure of the middle Stooge. If you’re collecting these figures, then I have to assume you’re either A) a Retro Mego completest or B) a Stooges fan. If you’re the latter, then I would say this Larry is a great one to add to your collection. It displays quite nicely.

Star Fox Limited Edition Fox McCloud Stone Statue ()
March 23, 2016 -

Perfect for the die-hard fan willing to do the necessary barrel rolls past the proverbial bogies.

Curly, The Three Stooges – No Census, No Feeling ()
March 3, 2016 -

From the detail in Curly’s face to the high-quality football jersey and pants, and even the added accessory of the Census file, this Figures Toy Company release is a faithful reproduction of one of the seminal moments in the career of The Three Stooges.

Skylanders: Trap Team Ka-Boom ()
June 20, 2015 -

Ka-Boom! Skylanders: Trap Team Activision 2015 You may not agree with me, but I’ve often thought that the fire element… Read More »

Moe – The Three Stooges, Three Little Beers ()
June 1, 2015 -

Moe – The Three Stooges, Three Little Beers Figures Toy Company 2015 Growing up in the 1970s I got to… Read More »

Trap Team – Tuff Luck ()
February 7, 2015 -

The second of the three newest Skylanders: Trap Team Trap Masters to be released is Tuff Luck, a Life-aligned cat… Read More »

Skylanders: Trap Team – Blastermind ()
January 17, 2015 -

The Blastermind Trap Master from Skylanders: Trap Team is in a very similar situation to Stink Bomb, a character that… Read More »

Transformers Generations Rattrap ()
January 15, 2015 -

Well I’m back with an all new review of Transformers Generations Rattrap. This little gem of a figure is an… Read More »

Light and Dark Elemental Skylanders Playsets ()
January 10, 2015 -

I’ve been a Skylanders fan for, well, ever. The commercials for Spyro’s Adventure and the toys-to-life mechanic four or five… Read More »

Transformers Generations Swerve and Flanker ()
January 8, 2015 -

Based in his Transformers IDW comic art, here is Swerve. This cool little bot is from the new Legends line… Read More »

Cloud and Sephiroth Theatrhythm Static Arts Mini ()
January 3, 2015 -

Static Arts releases chibi-fied, Theatrhythm-inspired figurines for its Final Fantasy collectors.

Bandai Sprukits DC New 52 Superman Poseable Model Kit ()
December 14, 2014 -

Sprukits are plastic poseable model kits that that are simple and fun to put together, no glue or paint necessary…. Read More »

Skyward Sword Link Figma ()
December 3, 2014 -

Link has at last been brought to the Figma line for your collecting pleasure.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney—Dual Destinies Rubber Phone Strap Collection ()
November 24, 2014 -

Phoenix Wright and co. transform into rubber phone-strap counterparts in commemoration of Dual Destinies… and they’ve never looked so adorable.

Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 – Black Widow ()
November 22, 2014 -

So the one Avenger who is not really an Avenger, but for in the movies and the animated series, Black… Read More »

Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 – Thor ()
November 20, 2014 -

Thor. I love way too many comic book superheroes, I always liked The Mighty Thor, but this isn’t Marvel Comics… Read More »

Disney’s Marvel Infinity 2.0 – Iron Man ()
November 5, 2014 -

When I first started playing Skylanders I thought it would be a cool idea if someone came out with the… Read More »