Scribblers’ Rest: The TorCa Campaign, Episodes 7-9

The first Shadowrun session comes to its conclusion in these three episodes: Invite the Pornographers to a Funeral, I’m Keeping the Candy, and It’s The Size of the Fight in the Dog.

Novelist Brian Downes is the gamemaster. The players are freelance RPG writer William Tucker, whose latest can be seen on Kickstarter; and Miriam Medina and Dee Jay Smith, AKA GenkiGoth Studios.

These episodes were recorded at Gods & Monsters in Orlando, Florida.

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Brian Downes is a writer who lives in Orlando, Florida. His novel, The Berlin Fraternity, about a man who hunts vampires for the Third Reich, is available on the Kindle and through He enjoys pen and paper roleplaying games and geek culture. He clearly remembers waiting for The Empire Strikes Back to hit theaters, and vindicate his opinion that of course Vader was not Luke's father. You can't trust Vader's word!

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