Streetfighter/G.I. Joe- A Brief History Before Streetfighter X/G.I. Joe’s Release

Hi all, this is the JDOC here, and IDW has hit it out of the ballpark once again. It seems like IDW has been doing great lately in the licensing department, with its Ghostbusters and Star Trek reboot lines from CBS, X-Files from FOX, TMNT from Nickelodeon, and G.I. Joe,Transformers,Jem, and My Little Pony from Hasbro, much like Dark Horse has done with its own Predator,Aliens,Godzilla, and Terminator series respectively. Now IDW strikes once again with its upcoming miniseries: Streetfighter X/G.I. Joe, crossing over Hasbro’s toyline w/Capcom’s successful video game series (Streetfighter currently being printed by Udon studios), as shown in the latest December 2015 Previews catalog from Diamond Publishing. This xover storyline involves Destro teaming up with M. Bison and his Shadowloo organization, and the Joes and heroic streetfighters teaming up to stop this new threat.

Most of you out there already know about something like this happening back in the early 90’s if you’re either a Joe or Streetfighter fan or both, but for those who don’t know I’m about to give you a brief history lesson of them crossing over beforehand. Before this comic, there actually WAS a crossover enacted between Capcom and Hasbro, albeit as a toy and storyline as well, given that Streetfighter was hitting an all time popularity high w/its SF II arcade game back in 1992. The story was M. Bison and the evil Shadowloo have teamed up with Cobra to spread even more havoc worldwide, but the Joes and the heroic Streetfighters, led by Guile, have teamed up to stop this new global threat. For Shadowloo: M. Bison, Vega, Sagat, and Balrog; for the streetfighters: Guile, Blanka, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Zangief, E. Honda, Ken and Ryu. These characters were given life as figures and added to the Joe/Cobra rosters in 1993 as part of the Joe toyline. The streetfighter vehicles were actually recycled from several previously released Joe/Cobra vehicles w/their own drivers: Beast blaster- a recycled Thunder Machine w/the front gatling guns being replaced by a dual missile launcher, as the toys now returned the ‘spring loaded launchers’ after a long hiatus back in the late 70’s/early 80’s (due to parental concerns over toys that featured ‘spring launching’ weapons) featuring red Chun-Li and Blue Blanka ; M. Bison’s Crimson Cruiser- recycled Badger in reddish colors featuring Blue M. Bison; and Guile’s Sonic Boom Tank, a recycled Paralyzer now colored in olive green with Brown/Tan Guile. The Streetfighter Dragon Fortress playset was a mix between new parts while using the previously released mold of the Cobra Toxo Lab from the Eco Warriors line as the base of it with Black Ryu and Blue Ken. The Drivers/Added figures were meant to represent the opposite color players could play in the video game itself. Unfortunately, the line only lasted one year, as in 1994 hasbro went in a different and final direction w/the original 3-3/4 in. line for the Joes’ 30th anniversary (since they began as 12 in. figures back in 1964). Also, the character likenesses werent that great in 3-3/4 in. form, although Hasbro tried their best to stay true to them as much as possible (Blanka, Honda, and Dhalsim not as much, but the others were as close to their video game counterparts as possible, given 3D technology for sculpting/producing figures was still more than 2 decades away).

That didnt mean, however, that the Streetfighter line itself ended there- When the live action movie starring Jean Claude van Damme as Guile, Kylie Minogue as Cammy, and Raul Juila as Bison came out, Hasbro created the movie line featuring some other previously recycled vehicles, body molds, and weapons from previously released joe figures w/’spring loaded’ launchers, as well as new toy head sculpts featuring mostly Guile-change related toys as he was the main character, since the others’ likenesses werent used due to budget limits (Jean Claude getting the majority of the licensing $ for his likeness being used). Unfortunately, the movie didnt fare quite as well at the box office, and the toyline died shortly after that. For the movie vehicles: Sagat’s Devastator (Snow cat w/Missile launcher on top); Karate Chopper (Dreadnok cycle w/a missile launcher where the gatling cannon was); the Street Striker (Vamp Mk II using a missile launcher on top); Heli-fighter (Dragonfly w/side missile launcher); and Bison’s Shadowloo HQ (1992 Joe HQ).

And there you have it folks- A brief history of the Streetfighter/G.I. Joe xover that happened back in the 1990’s. IDW’s Streetfighter X/G.I. Joe hits your local comic stores in Feb. 2016, so reserve your copy today, and as always this is the JDOC reminding you to have fun w/comics and toys, and enjoy the upcoming book for next year. For more on what the toys looked like, check out this website: and search under both the vehicles and figures headings.


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