Super Toy Show 2018


Super Toy Show 2018 was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL and featured special guests Ron Rudat, figure designer of the original G.I. Joe action figures, as well as creator of the Cobra symbol, and Bob Prupis, the Hasbro executive who was responsible for the reintroduction of the 3 ¾ inch G.I. Joe figures in 1982. Both Ron and Bob were kind and generous with their time from the stage, talking to and taking photographs with fans.

“The Finest,” a G.I. Joe costume club, was also present. Members of the finest were incredibly friendly, spending time explaining their work and charitable causes. I purchased some prints and spent enjoyable some time talking with them. The Finest supports charitable organizations aimed at assisting military veterans. Many members of The Finest are themselves veterans, making it a perfect cause.

The toys themselves ranged from vintage G.I. Joe and other action figures from the 1980’s, to modern collections including Disney pins, horror figures and vintage prints on modern apparel. The G.I. Joe collection was by far the largest and most impressive, with original figures in their fabric uniforms with buttons and zippers, and large cases filled with seemingly every figure that’s been released since the originals! There were also large collections of Star Wars and Star Trek toys, some bins with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures, and large shelves lined with vehicles of every size, including giant runways and models. Attendees seemed pleased with the offerings, and the overall atmosphere was enjoyable for even a non-collector like myself.

Overall, I would say that Super Toy Show was a fun dive into nostalgia and an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday. I’m grateful to all the nice people who allowed me to film and photograph them and their collections, and look forward to attending again next year!



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