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War Fighters Tropic Mods Development 2015 War Fighter is a card game that is a mix of War and Rock-Paper-Scissors… Read More »

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Omnivores is a film that seems incomplete, and haunted by an intro that made very little sense.

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An experimental documentary built entirely around reenactments, with a simple set up and dialogue taken from actual black-box recordings.

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Gingerclown 3D Ashley Luke Lloyd, Brad Dourif, Erin Hayes, Lance Henrikson, Michael Winslow, Sean Young Movie Rockets Entertainment 2013 I… Read More »

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    Have you ever watched a show or a movie and thought to yourself “this is a real good show, I wonder how it would have worked out if it was tried many years before?” Well, just in case… Read More »

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Devil in my Ride Devil in My Ride and GMS Films Directed by Gary Michael Schultz Written by Mike Dozier… Read More »

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Hannibal, Season 1, Disc 1 AXN Original Series Laurence Fishburne, Mads Mikklesen, Hugh Dancy 2013 This review addresses Season 1,… Read More »

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Super! #3 Justin Piatt Unlikely Heroes Studios 2013 Apologies for the severely late review, but I’m here now and so… Read More »

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A documentary based around one man’s humiliating experiences, Unhung Hero attempts to answer the question… does size matter?

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The Melvins Tres Cabrones Ipecac Records 2013 This album from 2013 is another fine entry into the ever-expanding Melvins’ catalog… Read More »

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We Butter the Bread with Butter Goldkinder Self-released 2013 We Butter the Bread with Butter have a remarkably silly name… Read More »

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Whose decision was it to take my childhood memories of blue and red lasers, followed by an informative PSA, and turn it into this horrid (at best mediocre) film franchise.

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In the year 2092 humans no longer die of old age. The last mortal on Earth, 118 year old Nemo Nobody, recounts his life and all the directions it might have gone in.

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A South Korean science fiction film based on a French graphic novel, Snowpiercer, is the story of the last members of the human race surviving aboard a train in perpetual motion.

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The Wrath of Vajra  Kylin Network, Media Asia Films and Ningxia Film Studio  Directed by  Wing-cheong Law Written by Zhenjian Yang Starring Yu… Read More »

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The Penny Dreadful Picture Show Imaginarium Directed by Nick Everhart, Leigh Scott and Eliza Swenson Written by Nick Everhart, Leigh… Read More »

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A cliché riddled action/fantasy film about honor, 47 Ronin follows a group of master-less samurai on a quest to avenge the death of their master by a rival lord.