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 1st Doctor 1963-1966 November 23, 1963: A day that changed the world forever. That day saw the broadcast debut of… Read More »

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    Time Lord Fest (?t?m\?l?rd\?fest\) noun: Time Lord Fest is a mini-science fiction and literature convention focusing primarily on Doctor Who and the writings of independent authors. January 26, 2013 : Time Lord Fest Zendah Grotto Hall, 4450 West… Read More »

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  Hello fellow WHOvians, we are back this week with an all new show about episodes of Doctor Who that have The Doctor giving a hand to himselves. We cover the 10th Anniversary story “The Three Doctors”, the 20th Anniversary… Read More »

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  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not put on a new podcast this week. But don’t worry, we didn’t want you to miss any markwho42 WHOniversal excitement, so we are presenting a rare look at the fictional… Read More »

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  Episode 4 of our podcast is posted here. Join Mark Baumgarten, Trish Helm and Eduardo M. Freyre as they try to figure out Doctor Who Canon. We discuss what exactly Canon is as well as if the books, audios… Read More »

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Episode 3 – The 49th Anniversary Special Our 3rd podcast is up and running here with 15 minutes of footage from GeekFest Florida 2012. We asked a whole bunch of Whovians what their favorite moment in Doctor Who was… and they… Read More »

By Mark Viola, November 5, 2012 19 Article

There; I said it.  The 11th Doctor, played by the mostly untalented Matt Smith, needs to head for the big blue police box in the sky.  In the opinion of this author (and huge Doctor Who fan from waaaayyyy back),… Read More »

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Oh Television, what Kenneth from 30 Rock calls “the true American art form.” Whether that’s correct or not there’s no denying television’s a catchall of beliefs, indoctrinating the masses into the American zeitgeist. It tells what Noam Chomsky calls the… Read More »

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    Here’s the new trailer for Doctor Who Season 7, it looks a bit like Doctor Who meets The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But it looks like it will be another fun season non the less. Enjoy!

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Check it out! Every Doctor Who Story Since 1963. Enjoy!

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In an interview with the Daily Star, actress Helen Mirren has claimed that she would like to be the next Doctor Who. “I would like to play the new female Doctor Who. I don’t want to just be his sidekick.”… Read More »

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here is the teaser trailer for the new Doctor Who video game, due out in 2012.

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Hurricane Who: Category Two With special guest: Terry Molloy – ‘Davros’ Friday November 4th – November 6th, 2011 11am to 9pm Doubletree by Hilton Orlando at Sea World. 10100 International Drive Orlando, Florida 32821 (407)352-1100

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More Info The 21 Century is when everything changes, and you’ve gotta be ready! After too long a time away from our screens, Torchwood is back! Join us as tune in for the Series Premiere and welcome back Captain Jack… Read More »