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The Guys (minus Mike, who is currently on a romantic get away) discuss Nate’s first Heroclix tournament, they talk about only the most current of nerd news (not including Wes Craven’s death), they review Ray’s new Marvel Collector Corps Secret Wars… Read More »

By Dan Folgar, June 30, 2015 0

The latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Age of Ultron, was a fun and forgettable viewing experience.

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Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke Unboxing – HeroCrate Here is our unboxing for December’s HeroCrate! Included in each HeroCrate is an Epic T-Shirt, 4-6… Read More »

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Captain America Manufacturer Diamond Select Toys Line Marvel Select Assortment 7″ Action Figure Year 2008 Retail $24.99 Originally released in 2008, the “Bucky Cap” version… Read More »

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Oh crap, there’s going to be more?

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, February 22, 2014 0 Movie Article

  The guy who puts these together is reluctantly brilliant on his comic book knowledge. Here is another done on the differences between the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier movie and the actual Captain America comic books.  

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, February 22, 2014 0 Movie Article

Just when we thought that we were done with the terrible side of comic book movies 20th Century Fox brings us our first image of the cast of the new upcoming 2015 Fantastic Four movie. The first thing that I… Read More »

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  This is just something interesting that I came across on the net. I don’t know how long it’s been around, but I think that it’s cool and informative. It’s a poster showing us which companies own which characters in… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, February 11, 2014 0 Movie Previews

  This is the latest poster from the upcoming movie Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. The poster is from South America and is showing us in full Sam Wilson as The Falcon wearing close to the same costume as… Read More »

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By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, October 25, 2013 0 Movie Trailers

  Growing up as a fan of The Falcon, I’m hoping that this movie does him justice as Sam Wilson is looking like a very secondary character in this trailer. I already figured that he wouldn’t be in his true… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, August 25, 2013 0 Movie News

    Was Ultron in the Avengers movie, and we just didn’t know it? I found this interesting piece of Avengers animation while lurking on the web this afternoon. What this is, is the original cut for when Loki confronts… Read More »

By Go-Go Dai Gaijin Boy, June 8, 2013 0 Movie Previews

    I have never been much of a fan of Captain America, but as a fan of comic books and superheroes in general I do see the movies. I mean as a long time fanboy I do stay in… Read More »

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This isn’t really much of an article as much as it’s a small chart showing you the difference in salaries amongst actors who played the main characters in the Avengers movie. It’s actually pretty interesting when you notice the huge… Read More »

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Here is your first look at Captain America: Winter Soldier.

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Marvel Now! Avengers #1 Jonathon Hickman, Jerome Opeña Marvel Comics 2012 I know this is a week late, but this… Read More »