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  Welcome To Creator Owned Expo!!! Creator – Owned Expo is designed to encourage Literacy, Artistic Creativity, innovations in Technology, and Social Interest in the sciences through Art, Sequential Art, Science fiction, Fantasy, Novels, Creative Nonfiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Mythology… Read More »

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    ULTRA CON Of SOUTH FLORIDA The Original Is Back. Fort Lauderdale’s own, Cosplay, Anime Collectibles, Manga Toys, Comic Books, Sports Cards, Star Wars and Transformers. Convention July 19th & 20th 2014 Visit Our ULTRACON of SOUTH FLORIDA Website… Read More »

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Worlds of Aspen 2014 FCBD Edition (W) Vince Hernandez (A) Peter Steigerwald & Various Aspen Comics 2014 I’ve always had… Read More »

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In tow with the standards the comic company founder established, creator/artist/writer Siya Oum has put together an absolutely stunning piece of visual storytelling.

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This may be one to keep on your radar, folks.

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This book is, in the purest sense of the idiom, a real page turner, and at the end of the issue a few things are established, though none likely as much as this: if you’ve been out of the loop for a while, now is a pretty good time to start picking up Witchblade again.

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Credit: twinkledaddy

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Shotgun Wedding is delightful reading in all of the right ways: It’s kinetic, unpredictable, action-packed and, most importantly, an absolute blast throughout. Don’t be surprised if this gets optioned for a film sometime down the line.

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Artifacts #36 hits all the sweet spots an issue can hit: accessibility, a great pace, gorgeous artwork, an intriguing storyline and an enormous world to play around in. It’s a winner.

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Very much in the vein of Mad Magazine and similar adult humor books, Psycho Gran won’t enhance you intellectually or bestow upon you a newfound perspective on life; that’s not what Leach is trying to do here. Simply, he wants to entertain you and make you laugh, and the inclusive nature of his work is a testament to that.