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Continuing his series of one-shots chronicling the doomed exploits of past wielders of the Darkness along current Darkness Jackie Estacado’s bloodline, The Darkness: “Close Your Eyes” tells the story of Adelmo Estacado, a young man whose sorrowful existence has just reached the 21 year mark when the story opens.

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Although it falls short of its inspiration’s greatness, Benito Mambo is a terrific book in its own right, juxtaposing humor with tragedy, love with the absurd and the grand with the ordinary. It’s also highly unpredictable, and although it may not necessarily conclude the way readers might like it to, defying such stale expectations is an act of bravery in and of itself.

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This book more or less walks readers through the motion in how Zoey managed to pull off this (obviously, in real life, totally not cool-to-do) crime.

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Gimenez’s versatility with a pen – both illustrative and in plot – is on full display throughout both volumes. He’s got an almost musical attunement for humor, and although I wasn’t ever busting at the seams, I found myself grinning on multiple occasions and laughing heartily more than once.

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A Voice in the Dark remains one of the most fun and surprising ongoing series in graphic storytelling currently on the market, and it deserves every bit of attention afforded to it.

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Armor Hunters FCBD Special is essentially a sampler of a few of the upcoming titles being released by the successfully resurging company.

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Archer & Armstrong is a riotously fun book, and this issue – entitled “American Wasteland Part One” – is a perfect jump-on point.

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This issue marks yet another turning point for the titular character of Aphrodite IX, and it’s definitely worth picking up and spreading the word about.

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Despite being a new book, I can already tell that this story is ripe for adaptation.

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If you want a comprehensive overview of the Valiant universe as it currently stands, this is it.

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The book is a tad confusing for those uninitiated, and although the issue generously provides readers with a synopsis of what has happened thus far, it still is a bit disorienting.

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Kindt and Crain treat their subject matter with a deserved gravity, infusing the story with a sense of urgency, intrigue and wonderment. Crain’s gorgeous artwork, which digitally enhances traditional painting, suits the story perfectly.

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With great pacing, clear line work and true-to-life dialogue driving an intriguing story, Harbinger #22 serves not only as a great story but as a fantastic jump-on point for new readers.

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A great addition to the Eternal Warrior mythos, Eternal Warrior is a strong entry in the series that falls just barely short on accessibility and relevance. It nonetheless is a worthwhile pick-up if you’ve got an extra few bucks to blow.

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