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  For the past 5 years I haven’t missed a Megacon Convention in Orlando. There are several reasons why I never miss it. First, it’s close to me (this IS Florida Geek Scene). Secondly, there have been some great names… Read More »

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Here is your first look at Matt Ryan as Constantine for the upcoming NBC TV series.

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Synopsis: “Nightwing: The Series” centers around Batman’s first sidekick, Dick Grayson aka Robin. After a falling out with his mentor, Dick disappears from Gotham eventually resurfacing in the City of Bludhaven under the guise of “Nightwing”. Dick has chosen to… Read More »

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  After months of hinting about it and two episodes of Arrow introducing the character. Our first look at Grant Gustin as “The Flash” is finally here. The photo is only of his head but I’m sure that the rest… Read More »

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  YAY! For those of you who have not heard yet, The CW’s hit show, Arrow, has been renewed for a third season! The show is based on DC Comics’ superhero, the Green Arrow. It is currently in my top three… Read More »

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Justice League: War DC Comics, Warner Brothers 2014 How else can I describe it besides using the word exciting! As… Read More »

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  Al Plastino’s death shocked us all when the legend passed away November 25th, 2013. I had the pleasure of meeting him at last year’s Supercon. His many iconic Superman stories included “Superman’s Mission for President Kennedy”. DC Comics states that,… Read More »

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Nick Cardy was and still is one of my favorite comic book artists of all time. When I heard about his death, I was shocked and almost in tears. I though about how lucky I was to have met him… Read More »

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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure 5th Cell Games 2013  I never saw myself playing a game like Scribblenauts, but… Read More »