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  Want to go back to school, or maybe you never went to college? Well, now you can enroll in Monsters University. Be a monster, be a student, or just be a monster student, in any case you’ll most like… Read More »

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  Spotlight on today’s free comic Get Spider-Men #1 For FREE Today As We Kick Off Our Countdown to 100 Million Downloads ComiXology is swinging toward 100 Million Downloads and The Spider-Men are on hand to help us celebrate! As… Read More »

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  This is a short interview which I did with David Cruz, the current TRON Arcade World Champion. The interview was conducted at the BART in Orlando Florida on August 25th, 2012.

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  What if Jack Kirby and Stan Lee had lived in Soviet Russia instead of America? Would we as comic book fans have been reading stuff like this? Personally, I think it looks cool, plus I have always been a… Read More »

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  I’m not the biggest of Deadpool fans, but this games does look like it may actually be a good. I hope Rob Leifeld get’s some pennies for this..      

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How cool is this? These are the official logos for the next troupe of Marvel Comics movies in the works.

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I don’t get it. Maybe this movie was just made for the new comic book audience, the ones who learn all their comic book knowledge from these superhero films. First off, if you haven’t seen the movie this review will have slight spoilers within it, so if you don’t want to know then you should click to another post.

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Here’s the first clip from The Avengers movie showing Scarlett Johanson as the Black Widow, and showing off her new moves. This clip was found on ComingSoon.net. Enjoy!

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  This could possibly be every comic book fans wet dream, The Ultimate Marvel Marathon is set to screen The Avengers at midnight, preceded by all five films that have setup the Avengers team. AMC Disney will be showing Iron… Read More »

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    I enjoyed the hell out of John Carter. Honestly, I thought it looked like every other “epic action… Read More »

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  Check it out! According to Marvel Comics, the new Ultimate Spider-man Kids Show (I never thought I’d be hearing myself say that, or even type it) is the most anticipated kids show to come to television in 2012, as… Read More »

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      “My signature is engraved on all the barrels” This morning on the George Perez Facebook Fan Page, Mr. Perez posted these pictures of the new mechanical pencil which will be coming out by a Canadian company known… Read More »

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Marvel Comics demands that the broke creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich pay $17,000.00, here’s the entire story, it’s a pretty crappy deal, 20th Century Danny Boy