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  It’s interesting how the banner above sort of reflects what goes on in this trailer.

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  ABSTRACT STUDIOS Terry Moore How To Draw #5 (Comics), $4.99 ALTERNATIVE COMICS Injury #4 (not verified by Diamond), $6.00 ARCHIE COMICS Archie Double Digest #234, $3.99 Archies Giant Kids Jokebook TP, $6.99 AVATAR PRESS Crossed Badlands #13 (Raulo Caceres… Read More »

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Here are some pictures which I just received in an e-mail from the upcoming Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman. Some of these pictures I have already seen around the internet, all except for the picture of the Viper.

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  Here’s your first look at the new Iron Man 3 teaser trailer. It’s only 17 seconds, but you can get a quick glance at the back of the Mandarin. Enjoy!

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  As the world now knows Marvel Comics has exploded into the Hollywood movie scene with it’s last few films, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, The Avengers and the Spider-man films. I could go… Read More »

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With rumors floating around that Disney might be looking into rebooting their 1991 box-office let down, and perpetual underdog comic, The Rocketeer, it seems to be a good time to revisit the original, and acknowledge its highs and lows. I’ve… Read More »

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  Want to go back to school, or maybe you never went to college? Well, now you can enroll in Monsters University. Be a monster, be a student, or just be a monster student, in any case you’ll most like… Read More »

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  Spotlight on today’s free comic Get Spider-Men #1 For FREE Today As We Kick Off Our Countdown to 100 Million Downloads ComiXology is swinging toward 100 Million Downloads and The Spider-Men are on hand to help us celebrate! As… Read More »

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  This is a short interview which I did with David Cruz, the current TRON Arcade World Champion. The interview was conducted at the BART in Orlando Florida on August 25th, 2012.

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  What if Jack Kirby and Stan Lee had lived in Soviet Russia instead of America? Would we as comic book fans have been reading stuff like this? Personally, I think it looks cool, plus I have always been a… Read More »

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  I’m not the biggest of Deadpool fans, but this games does look like it may actually be a good. I hope Rob Leifeld get’s some pennies for this..