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By geekadmin, April 7, 2015 0 Crowdfunding

Bringing the shared market to the milk district! We bring to you, Market on South. The home of Dixie Dharma, Humble Bumble Kombucha, and Valhalla Bakery, as well as facilities for other local vegetarian and vegan small food providers, manufacturers,… Read More »

By We Be Geeks, April 4, 2015 0 Podcast

This week the We Be Geeks gang gets together to talk about why our comic pull lists are thinning so quickly pre-crossover with Marvel and DC, the Top 12 shows most likely to get cancelled (turns out we weren’t watching… Read More »

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For some of the craziest creations ever made we bring you J.J. Szabo, cool guy and Balloon Artist from BalloonsRCool.com   Click MoshiMoshi to visit the website or click MegaGalactic for tickets

By JDOC, March 29, 2015 0 Convention Report

Hi all, and welcome to yet another one of my usual con reviews, albeit about a week late (sorry for that folks- real life work always calls first lolz). This review covers Geekfest 2015. This event was held again this… Read More »

By Raisa, March 29, 2015 0 Convention Report

Being a student at FAU, Geek Fest is very convenient. I went last year and had a lot of fun. The vendors there are always A+ and have great prices. It’s a small con, but it’s never too crowded or gross. This… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 27, 2015 0 Crowdfunding

Join in on a voyage of discovery and mystery during a special year of a very special girl’s life. Their are only five more days to help fund Mandi, the new comic book by artist Shawn Surface. If you haven’t… Read More »

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Dropping in from parts unknown, comes a talent that’s out of this world. This year we bring you a close encounter of a different kind with DEFENZMECHANIZM. Walking tall and overseeing the creatures of the Galaxy we give you one… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 24, 2015 0 Conventions

The Orlando Toy & Comic Con is almost here. Just a couple more months to another great convention. June 6th, 2015. Click the banner to get to the Orlando Toy & Comic Con website.    

By Nerdstravaganza, March 21, 2015 0 Podcast

  This week, The Nerdstravaganza gang sits down with geek icon Alison Haislip to compare notes on what it was like growing up as a nerd. Honestly, we don’t even care if you listen… we got to hang out with… Read More »

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For the first time we found a collection for the ladies that’s out of this world. Performing live are the men of the Rock Hard Revue. We’ve been informed that a bounty has been placed and there’s only one person… Read More »

By Juan Navarro, March 19, 2015 0 Podcast

FWACATA podcast, hosted by Juan Navarro, is coming to FGS next week with reviews and news on comics and such! Here is the latest taste from the podcast, on Women in Comics! Florida Geek Scene: Home of our new Review show!… Read More »

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Please click the poster above for more information.

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Please click the above poster for more information.

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Hi all, and welcome to another review courtesy of yours truly. This time I’m giving you a special review coming from APE (Arcade and Pinball Expo) instead of the usual con reviews you’d get from myself. This show was held… Read More »

By geekadmin, February 22, 2015 0 Events

MOSHI MOSHI PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS… The 6th Annual MEGACON AfterParty MegaGalactic (Invaders from the Edge of Knowhere) Saturday April 11, Yr 2015 CLUB 39 @ THE ROSEN PLAZA HOTEL INTERNATIONAL DRIVE (free parking for event only) Get ready to attend an… Read More »

By geekadmin, February 9, 2015 0 Conventions

Our next Daytona Beach comic and toy convention will be June 7, 2015. We will be moving to a larger venue. Join us at Embry-Riddle ICI Center, 601 S. Clyde Morris Blvd., Daytona Beach, Florida 32114 Our hotel of choice… Read More »

By geekadmin, February 3, 2015 0 Conventions

Sukoshi Con is a brand of conventions, bringing new social and interactive innovations to the Anime Convention scene. The company was founded as a way to give Anime fans access to Anime, Cosplay, and Gaming, hosting multiple Anime Conventions throughout… Read More »