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EGOs #1 Stuart Moore, Gus Storms Image Comics 2014 EGOs is an interesting book. Set in a distant future where… Read More »

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Here are some cool, heroic family pictures by an artist known as B Clan.

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    Free Comic Book Day at Mike’s Comics & Collectibles with Ethan Van Sciver. We’ll be having Ethan Van Sciver, known for his work on Green Lantern, The Flash, and currently, the New 52′s Batman: The Dark Knight! He… Read More »

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DC Collectibles first 3.75″ figures out the gate. How well did they do and how do they compare to other figures of the same size? Click on the link and read the review…

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Earth 2 #7 DC Comics 2012 (WARNING: SPOILERS!!) About a year ago, when DC Comics began their New 52 run,… Read More »

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  What’s going on here? I’m not really sure what is going on in this scene from Red Lanterns #14, is this just just a play on words, or maybe Peter Milligan just confused The Sinestro Corps with the Red… Read More »

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The New 52 Green Lantern as sculpted by Jack Mathews in the DC Collectibles Justice League line.

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The success of The Avengers has done more than prove that there are still billions to be made in the CBM genre; it has inspired the geekdom of the inter-webs to declare that the next logical step is a full… Read More »

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Anyway it’s no big deal, I mean gay is gay. I have read around on the net where people are having a cow about this. First of all, who cares? Second of all, it’s a comic book and you people who are bitching about it don’t have to read it.