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This was not a bad way to launch a TV series based on a comic-book character; but its timelessness and its charm show through. Thumbs Up.

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This isn’t really much of an article as much as it’s a small chart showing you the difference in salaries amongst actors who played the main characters in the Avengers movie. It’s actually pretty interesting when you notice the huge… Read More »

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Marvel Now! Avengers #1 Jonathon Hickman, Jerome Opeña Marvel Comics 2012 I know this is a week late, but this… Read More »

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  Red She-Hulk #59 Marvel Comics 2012 I’m a Hulk fan, but I have never been a fan of either… Read More »

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  Here’s the latest on the set photo from the upcoming movie, Thor: The Dark World. This is a picture of Chris Hemsworth stunt double looking pretty cool in his Thor outfit.

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  How do you feel about this Captain America deleted scene from the Avengers movie? Do you think it was good enough to be left in, or was the right thing done in cutting it out? Let us know in… Read More »

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Hulk Manufacturer Hasbro Line Marvel Universe Assortment Basic Year 2012 Series/Wave Series 4 Wave 18 #007 Retail $9.99 Hulk is… Read More »

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“Has anyone here seen The Avengers?”  At this point, that is one of the most ridiculous questions you can ask a group of people with both of their original hips.   With a $1.36 billion world-wide box office (so far), everyone… Read More »