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White Like She (A)Bob Fingerman, (W)Bob Fingerman Image Comics 2014 White Like She is a twenty year old throwback to… Read More »

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God Hates Astronauts #4 Ryan Browne, Jordan Boyd Image Comics 2014 Now, I’ve never told anyone this, but when I… Read More »

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Rumble issue one was a good start, and I’m looking for the next installment.

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Drifter #1 Story By: Ivan Brandon Art By: Nic Klein Cover By: Nic Klein Variant Cover By: Esad Ribic Variant… Read More »

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The questionable titling of this series is finally being addressed in this current story arc. (The first arc, although it sparingly featured amateur astronaut farmers fucking up things in space, focused more on Stargrass–nee Star Fighter–and his quest to reclaim his wife, his dignity and find a suitable head to replace the gargantuan, swollen and deflated beach ball that he once called a cranium.)

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The legend of the dark Russian necromancer begins.

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Goners read slow and didn’t really give much in return.

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  Comic artist and Ant creator Mario (OMG) Gully’s latest project has been successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo. His 32-page Sketchbook containing his best work to date is scheduled to ship in January. “I am excited to be publishing my first… Read More »

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The Li’l Depressed Boy: Supposed to be There, too: #1 (W)S Steven Struble, (A)Sina Grace Image Comics 2014 I’ve never… Read More »

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The CBLDF Presents Liberty Annual 2014 (W)Various, (A)Various Image Comics 2014 The Liberty Annual is a collection of stories about… Read More »

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Birthright #1 (W)Joshua Williamson, (A)Andrei Bressan, (A)Adriano Lucas Image Comics 2014 As his happy little family spends the day preparing… Read More »

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God, I’m so glad this series is back.

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Low #2 (W)Rick Remender (A)Greg Tocchini Image Comics 2014 Low #2 continues the story of a cop trying to escape… Read More »

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This issue picks up seconds after the last left off, as Sara Pezzini finds herself not only at odds with the physical manifestation of the Darkness’ viral echo but also fighting to save her now-infected friend.

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The opening sequence of this four-issue black-and-white four-shot comic from Top Cow Productions opens with a penile amputation by way of garden shears.

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  Original Mario Gully (OMG) has created the ultra-popular ANT (Image Comics) and has worked for every major Publisher in the USA (From Marvel Comics to Dynamite Entertainment).   Help Mario Gully with his new sketchbook project.

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All in all, A Voice in the Dark: Get Your Gun #1 is yet another brilliant installment in a series that has deservedly earned almost universal acclaim from comic fans and journos alike.