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The 13th Artifact (One Shot) Story By: Amit Chauhan Art By: Eli Powell Cover By: Linda Sejic Image Comics/Top Cow… Read More »

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Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke #172 – Gem Awards In #172, we cover what’s new on Netflix, update on the box office for Star… Read More »

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Ringside #1 (W)Joe Keatinge, (A)Nick Barber & Simon Gough Image Comics 2015 THE PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING EPIC BEGINS IN AN OVER-SIZED… Read More »

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Huck #1 (W)Mark Millar, (A)Rafael Albuquerque Image Comics 2015 In a quiet seaside town, Huck uses his special gifts to… Read More »

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Limbo #1 (W)Dan Watters, (A)Caspar Wijngaard Image Comics 2015 A detective with no memory, no identity and no manners. A… Read More »

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The Goddamned #1 (W)Jason Aaron, (A)Giulia Brusco and R. M. Guera Image Comics 2015 Writer JASON AARON & artist R.M…. Read More »

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Monstress #1 (W)Marjorie Liu (A)Sana Takeda Image Comics 2015 Astonishing X-Men and Black Widow writer MARJORIE LIU returns to comics… Read More »

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Citizen Jack #1 (W)Sam Humphries (A)Tommy Patterson Image Comics 2015 A HORROR-COMEDY FOR ANYONE WHO HATES POLITICS! Every presidential candidate… Read More »

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Black Magick #1 (A)Nichola Scott, (W)Greg Rucka Image Comics 2015 The hammer falls this Halloween! From New York Times bestselling… Read More »

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FASTER THAN LIGHT #1 (A) Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Vandyke (W) Brian Haberlin Image Comics 2015  In the very near future… Read More »

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AXCEND #1 (W) Shane Davis (A) Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, Morry Hollowell Image Comics 2015 Shane Davis delivers a solid… Read More »

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FROM UNDER MOUNTAINS #1 (W)Claire Gibson, Marian Churchland (A)Sloane Leong, Brandon Graham (CA)Marian Churchland Image Comics 2015 In the first… Read More »

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Writer Joshua Williamson (GHOSTED, BIRTHRIGHT) and artist Mike Henderson (Venom, Carnage) will launch a new story arc in their hit horror series NAILBITER this November. Previously in NAILBITER, NSA agent Nicholas Finch found himself roped into the mystery of Buckaroo,… Read More »

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The Terror of Punks: The Horror Comic Joshua Hale Fialkov, Kody Chamberlain Image Comics 2015 Punks is certainly a bizarre… Read More »

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This week Ray, TJ, and Mike open their surprise Loot Crate! Who will win the epic Crate Battle between these three power houses? Stay Tuned to find out! In the News The most controversial video game ever! You’ll never guess what Spider-man… Read More »

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Astronauts In Trouble #1 (W)Larry Young, (A)Charlie Adlard Image Comics 2015 Astronauts in Trouble is a new Image Comics limited-series publication from the… Read More »

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    Download this episode This week the Nerds get their 6th Loot Crate which they split up and rate the whole Loot Crate Experience. Also Ray opens and reviews his Ant-Man Marvel Collector Corp box. They Also discuss E3… Read More »