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By markwho42, April 9, 2013 0 Podcast

markwho42’s WHOniverse is sad to report they did not enjoy The Rings of Akhaten. Hosts Mark Baumgarten, Trish Helm, and Eduardo M. Freyre still do their best to bring you blow by blow coverage of the latest episode of Doctor… Read More »

By markwho42, April 1, 2013 0 Podcast

Our favorite show has returned and hosts Mark Baumgarten, Trish Helm, and Eduardo M Freyre (along with Christian Basel of Legend of the Traveling TARDIS) talk about the newest episode of Doctor Who: The Bells of St. John (SPOILER WARNING)…. Read More »

By markwho42, March 25, 2013 0 Podcast

    On January 21st,2013, hosts Mark Baumgarten, Trish Helm, and Eduardo M Freyre recorded a special episode about the Fourth Doctor on account of Tom Baker’s birthday the day before. Little did anybody realize that post production would be… Read More »

By markwho42, March 17, 2013 0 Podcast

Join hosts Mark Baumgarten, Trish Helm, and Eduardo M Freyre as they talk to some of the creators of the book “Outside In: 160 New Perspectives on 160 Classic Doctor Who stories by 160 Writers“, available at Amazon and directly… Read More »

By markwho42, March 10, 2013 0 Podcast

This week, markwho42’s WHOniverse focuses on the 2nd incarnation of The Doctor as portrayed by Patrick Troughton from 1966 to 1969 on the still popular British television series Doctor Who. Hosts Mark, Trish, and Eduardo are your guide through this… Read More »

By markwho42, March 5, 2013 0 Podcast

It’s a show all about the Yang to the Doctor’s Yin… The Master! We talk about all of the incarnations of the most evilest mind in the WHOniverse: Roger Delgado, Peter Pratt, Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Derek Jacobi, John Simm,… Read More »

By markwho42, February 17, 2013 0 Podcast

To help celebrate Christopher Eccleston’s 49th Birthday, this week’s markwho42’s WHOniverse is all about the Ninth Doctor. Hosted by regulars Mark Baumgarten, Patricia Helm, and Eduardo M Freyre, they are joined by Doctor Stew co-writer and owner of the Legend… Read More »

By markwho42, February 11, 2013 0 Podcast

An early wish for all you Whovians out there to have a Happy Valentine’s Day! This weeks episode, I take a back seat (due to illness) to my charming cohosts, Patricia Helm & Eduardo M Freyre, as they talk about… Read More »

By markwho42, December 24, 2012 0 Podcast

Happy Holidays to everyone especially to those at Florida Geek Scene. We have a bumper length podcast for you this week which deals with Christmas and Doctor Who (and they do go together). We also have a special treat as… Read More »

By markwho42, December 17, 2012 0 Podcast

  Hello fellow WHOvians, we are back this week with an all new show about episodes of Doctor Who that have The Doctor giving a hand to himselves. We cover the 10th Anniversary story “The Three Doctors”, the 20th Anniversary… Read More »

By markwho42, December 11, 2012 0 Web Show

  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we could not put on a new podcast this week. But don’t worry, we didn’t want you to miss any markwho42 WHOniversal excitement, so we are presenting a rare look at the fictional… Read More »

By markwho42, November 26, 2012 0 Podcast

Episode 3 – The 49th Anniversary Special Our 3rd podcast is up and running here with 15 minutes of footage from GeekFest Florida 2012. We asked a whole bunch of Whovians what their favorite moment in Doctor Who was… and they… Read More »