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By Brian Downes, May 2, 2016 0 Web Show

Watch Zombies!!!: Episode 3 here! The hungry dead teem to the horizons, and the helipad isn’t getting any closer. Not even for Miriam. Our Facebook. GenkiGoth’s website. Brian Downes on Facebook. Brian Downes on Amazon.com. Total Party Kill Games, for… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 2, 2016 0 Events

Ladies and Gentlemen, fans and geeks, you asked, we got them! The original Sci-Fi Speed Dating crew is going to be at MegaCon, and we got them for our party! 3 sessions, happening poolside! It’s safe, it’s anonymous, it’s fun!… Read More »

By geekadmin, May 1, 2016 0 Events

We will be screening through the night SUPER POWER BEAT DOWN from Bat in the Sun. If you have not seen any of their work check out their youtube channel @ Bat in the Sun YouTube Channel . Amazing stuff… Read More »

By geekadmin, April 30, 2016 0 Events

-VERSUS- VIP Package Now Available! These tickets are first come, first serve and are extremely limited! Don’t miss out on your chance to experience this event in style! Get your tickets before they are gone! Package valued at $600! Tickets… Read More »

By Kent Ward, April 27, 2016 0 Events

There are nerd music shows and then there are BIRTHDAY PARTIES with nerd music, which are the best kind of party. This Friday, April 29th at The Geek Easy will feature such a birthday party with Schaffer the Darklord and Marc… Read More »

By Brian Downes, April 25, 2016 0 Web Show

Zombies!!!: Episode 02 is live! The helipad comes over the horizon. The middle distance is full of the walking dead. Our Facebook. GenkiGoth’s website. Brian Downes on Facebook. Brian Downes on Amazon.com. Total Party Kill Games, for whom Mr. Tucker… Read More »

By Kent Ward, April 18, 2016 0 Events

Every month, Propeller Anime hosts Anime Nite Orlando, a showcase in the best of Japanese animation at Bikkuri Lounge. Not only is it a great place to watch fantastic anime and meet fellow fans, but you can also dine on… Read More »

By Kent Ward, April 13, 2016 0 Events

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega should be happy to know that this Saturday, April 16th at The Geek Easy in Winter Park, Tiny Waves will be hosting a rave-style dance party dedicated to the music and fun times of the speedy… Read More »

By Kent Ward, April 11, 2016 0 Events

This week is going to be a powerful one, metalheads; for Urizen, Psychostick, and Nekrogoblikon will be touring central Florida this week! They will have two shows, playing in Tampa at The Orpheum this Wednesday night and in Orlando at Backbooth the following… Read More »

By The Reasons I'm Broke, April 10, 2016 0 Podcast

Bringing you the reasons we’re broke on our weekly podcast! Comics, Movies, TV, Video Games and more! The Reasons I’m Broke #186 – Spider-Man Suspended In #186, we cover Batman v Superman’s box office drop, the Wizard World Cruise, retail… Read More »

By Kent Ward, April 6, 2016 0 Events

It has been a while since the Play It Loud chiptune label has thrown on shows in Florida, but this weekend, they are hosting Boston-based T-T)b’s Total Vacation Mini Tour in Orlando, Melbourne, and St. Petersburg. T-T)b is a three-piece… Read More »

By Leo Nocedo, April 4, 2016 0 Cosplay

What a great convention for horror Fans ,here are 400 photos for your viewing pleasure and the links for individual photos. Here and here.

By Brian Downes, April 4, 2016 0 Web Show

Here is the latest episode of Scribblers’ Rest, where we keep on opening doors, no matter how badly that works out for everyone.

By Brian Downes, March 26, 2016 0 Web Show

The latest episode is live now. The adventurers plunge deep into the “abandoned” manor and face the monsters within. The bard sings, Miriam doesn’t, and the party is faced with three doors.

By Kent Ward, March 23, 2016 0 Events

Independent wrestling at a comic book store?! How is that even possible? Well it’s happening Friday, April 8th thanks to the expansive event space of Gods & Monsters and one of central Florida’s top independent wrestling promotions, Full Impact Pro. FIP’s… Read More »

By Kent Ward, March 14, 2016 0 Article

Funimation Films has been busy this past year with getting anime and Japanese live-action films into movie theaters. So far, they have brought us the new Ghost in the Shell movie, Attack on Titan, and The Boy and The Beast…. Read More »

By Kent Ward, March 14, 2016 0 Events

On Saturday, April 23rd, Ongaku Overdrive is presenting a grand showcase of Orlando’s best nerd music acts in one place, Orlando Overdrive. The event will take place at BackBooth in downtown Orlando and feature video game bands, chiptune artists, nerdcore emcees, and geek… Read More »