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By markwho42, February 18, 2018 0 Podcast

MarkWHO42 welcomes Billy Floyd and The Commodore (Jay Stephens), better known at science fiction conventions as the music group KitchenKillaz. We discuss their career and the cosplay that Billy does at cons plus how Billy juggles driving to work and… Read More »

By markwho42, January 23, 2018 0 Podcast

AKA “The Price of Horror” Join the MarkWHO42 team as they interview Victoria Price, the daughter of the late great king of Horror Vincent Price! They talk all about herself and her upcoming book “The Way of Being Lost, A… Read More »

By markwho42, January 18, 2018 0 Podcast

On January 10th, our MarkWHO42 website editor Michelle Turner wrote an editorial about how Doctor Who fans seem to argue instead of discuss points (especially on social media). We thought this article needed some more discussion. Join Mark Baumgarten, Trish… Read More »

By markwho42, January 10, 2018 0 Podcast

The first show of MarkWHO42 in 2018. A New Year. A New Doctor Who showrunner. A New Doctor! And what does that mean for MarkWHO42??? Three things. First, as always, our review of the Christmas episode that was on 2… Read More »

By markwho42, December 29, 2017 0 Podcast

Mark Baumgarten gives the rest of the MarkWHO42 cohosts a vacation for the holidays and hosts the show on his own. But he did invite some special guests. Mark and A Couple of Geeks, Talon and Alida, welcome our guests… Read More »

By markwho42, December 20, 2017 0 Podcast

MarkWHO42‘s own Patty Hawkins talks with Star Trek Continues very own Doctor and Captain Kirk, Michele Specht and Vic Mignogna. Plus all the latest MarkWHO42 news with not a hint of Star Wars spoilers… well except for … (*editors note:… Read More »

By markwho42, December 12, 2017 0 Podcast

On this bumper episode of MarkWHO42, we have a field report from LI Who 5 held on Long Island, New York last month. Our intrepid cohost Patty Hawkins attended the con as a panelist and had one-on-one interviews with Barnaby… Read More »

By markwho42, November 30, 2017 0 Podcast

This week, the team interviews comic book artist and CEO, Benny Powell. Benny is the founder of Red Giant Entertainment, a “transmedia” entertainment company. As stated on their Wikipedia site “Red Giant develops intellectual properties into various ancillary media forms… Read More »

By markwho42, November 19, 2017 0 Podcast

Fasten your seat belts and get ready! MarkWHO42 is going high “Velocity” in this episode. First off, the team brings you more MarkWHO42 News, including discussions about the 13th Doctor’s new outfit. And, if you can’t wait to see what… Read More »

By markwho42, November 7, 2017 0 Podcast

Celebrate 200 Episodes of MarkWHO42! To help celebrate episode 200, the team bring aboard Margaret Blaine herself, Annette Badland. Annette talks about her start in her career, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the difference working in the UK vs the… Read More »

By markwho42, November 1, 2017 0 Podcast

This episode is chock full of screams, scares and things that go bump in the night. MarkWHO42 celebrates Halloween in its own style. We start off with Mark and Iggy bringing you the latest BOO (WHO) News. From there, we… Read More »

By markwho42, October 20, 2017 0 Podcast

MarkWHO42‘s Halloween Celebration continues as the team welcomes AMC’s The Walking Dead actress, Amber Dawn Fox. First, the team investigate the latest MarkWHO42 news. Mark and Iggy resurrect special guest host, former cohost, Trish Helm-Freyre. Then, the interrogation begins as… Read More »

By markwho42, October 6, 2017 0 Podcast

On this episode of MarkWHO42, the team start off the month of Halloween with two spooky authors, Kate Wars, and coming back for her second appearance and sponsor of MarkWHO42, Jaimie Engle. But first, the team bring you the latest… Read More »

By markwho42, September 21, 2017 0 Podcast

MarkWHO42 is back on the air. As Florida and the Islands in the Atlantic slowly recover from Hurricane Irma, MarkWHO42 returns with Christian Basel and Zion Quiros hosting this week’s episode. They start off bring you the MarkWHO42 news including… Read More »

By markwho42, September 7, 2017 0 Podcast

This week MarkWHO42 has an interview with author Christopher Samuel Stone, who has written a new Doctor Who parody book, Professor Howe and the Toothless Tribe, with proceeds going to Children in Need. He has also written and edited for… Read More »

By markwho42, August 30, 2017 0 Podcast

The MarkWHO42 Team with the help of Space Coast Comic Con‘s Jake Estrada take on the latest news in the WHOniverse including the return of old companions, The Mystic Cosmic Patrol, Sylvester McCoy as the poetic Doctor and speaking of… Read More »

By markwho42, August 22, 2017 0 Podcast

This episode of MarkWHO42 may smell a little funny, but that’s okay. The team interview award-winning sci-fi horror writer, Jaimie Engle. Jaimie, author of such novels as The Dredge and Dreadlands: Wolf Moon, talks about her new book, The Toilet… Read More »