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This may be one to keep on your radar, folks.

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Gather around and listen as the award-winning Markwho42 podcast brings you yet another dose of WHOvian goodness. Join Mark, Trish, Ed, and Christian as we say Happy Birthday to 5th Doctor Peter Davison. Then join the guys as they interview… Read More »

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A South Korean science fiction film based on a French graphic novel, Snowpiercer, is the story of the last members of the human race surviving aboard a train in perpetual motion.

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Once again, the Award Winning MarkWho42 Team has wrapped up another awesome podcast. We start off with our lovely Doctor Who correspondent Patricia Helm with the latest WHO news including the sad passing of the beautiful and brilliant Kate O’Mara…. Read More »

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    The award-winning Markwho42′s WHOinverse podcast is back!! And we’re bringing a special guest with us!! Join Mark, Patricia, Eduardo, and Christian as they sit down with Carrie Keranen aka Piper Tate from the Untitled Web Series About a… Read More »

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Spaced Out #1 Sprecher, Salas, Hopkins Blue Water Comics 2014 I’ll be honest, I had to make a bit of… Read More »

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  The GeekCast Radio Network award winning cast of markwho42′s WHOniverse (“Best Partner Podcast” at the 1st annual GeekCast Radio Network Awards) has had many faces and many lives. After 49 episodes of reviews, interviews, look backs, and impressions, it’s… Read More »

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Grab your constable hats and join Mark, Trish, Ed, and Christian as they interview Travis Richey from the web series (not saying the whole name). Hear how what started as a running gag on an NBC show has become an… Read More »

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It was just Valentine’s Day so to celebrate it we are devoting our show to our most loved characters from Doctor Who (not including The Doctor). The four cohosts (Mark, Trish, Eduardo, and Christian) pick their favorites from 50 years… Read More »