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From 1980-1989, Doctor Who was produced by one man who was instrumental in making it an internationally renowned show. John Nathan-Turner may have been the reason the show didn’t end when Tom Baker, the ultimate Doctor left and was in… Read More »

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Join Mark, Patty, and visiting guest cohost Eduardo as they interview an actress from classic Doctor Who. Tara Ward played Preston in the Peter Davison story Warriors of the Deep. We talk with her about her experience on the show… Read More »

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NEW YEAR! NEW GUEST! NEW COHOST! Same MarkWHO42 you’ve known to come and love. We start off the New Year with our first guest of 2016, Claudia Christian of Babylon 5. Claudia talks about her role on the show and… Read More »

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SyFy Bartow 2016 takes place on February 20th. For more information you can check out the website here.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   The MarkWHO42 crew get things off to a festive start by reviewing the recent Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. What did we think? Who got the feels? Did we laugh? Did we cry? Did… Read More »

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Come join MarkWHO42 as they ring in the New Year and party like it’s 1999 all over again with the return of special guest Yee Jee Tso from the Doctor Who: The Enemy Within. Listen to what he’s been up… Read More »

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  Twas the week of Christmas, don’t you dare be sleeping. We have TWO Christmas Angels on our next show, one of them Weeping. We begin with Sarah Louise-Madison and we all start to think when we interview a Weeping… Read More »

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  The MarkWHO42 Team are spreading the holiday cheer to you by bringing you not one, but TWO interviews! First, we have Sebastian J. Brook of the brilliant WHOvian site, Doctor WHO Online. If that isn’t enough, the team also… Read More »

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The 9th season of Doctor Who comes to a major close. Join Ed, Patricia, and Christian as they review “Hell Bent“.   WHO was the Hybrid?! What did the MW42 crew think about the conclusion to Clara’s story? How did… Read More »

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Take Peter Capaldi‘s Doctor. Trap him in a rotating castle. Have Steven Moffat write it. Have Rachel Talalay direct it. What do you get? Quite possibly one of the best episodes of the new season and arguably one of the… Read More »

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To all things there must come an ending, and for Clara, that time is now. Join the MarkWHO42 crew and special guest Iggy Mathews from Lets Be Reelz as we say goodbye to Clara Oswald. Listen in as we talk… Read More »

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Good morning. Did you sleep well? Is that something in your eye? Brush it off and listen to our review of “Sleep No More“. Did we like the “found footage” approach? How scary were the Sandmen? Did we feel for… Read More »

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MarkWHO42 is proud to present this double episode as we see double thanks to the Zygon two-parter. Join Ed, Trish, Christian, and Patty as they try to solve who is who. Is she Osgood or the Zygon? Is Bonnie the… Read More »

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Grab your pistols. Hold your loved ones tight. And be careful of the creepy voices in the shadows. It’s a special Halloween episode of MarkWHO42. First, Iggy Matthews from Let’s Be Reelz joins Trish and Ed to review The Woman… Read More »

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We’ve got an action packed show for you this week!   Capaldi‘s sophomore season continues strong with The Girl Who Died! Listen in as Mark, Iggy & Patty discuss Vikings, Valhalla, Monty Python callbacks, David Tennant flashbacks, testosterone tonics &… Read More »

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FASTER THAN LIGHT #1 (A) Brian Haberlin, Geirrod Vandyke (W) Brian Haberlin Image Comics 2015  In the very near future… Read More »