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    I noticed there were rumors circulating that Disney has announced all Star Wars Expanded Universe material non-canon. Curious, I looked into it, and it seems that the rumors are unfortunately accurate. IGN states, “Lucasfilm also clarified that only… Read More »

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Hoth Infinite Darkness Self-released 2012   In metal you have very little leeway when it comes to subject matter. Until… Read More »

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The Fuse #1 Anthony Johnston, Justin Greenwood Image Comics 2014 This book has been on my radar since seeing it… Read More »

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    So here is an interesting piece of history that I found on the net. This is a letter from a 13 year old Warwick Davis to George Lucas after filming the Return of the Jedi.  

By Abel Folgar, January 12, 2014 3

Marc with a C An Introduction to Marc with a C Self-released 2013 Marc Sirdoreous, the Marc with a C… Read More »

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  The rights to publish Star Wars comics had gone from Marvel to Dark Horse back in 1991,  but Marvel has just announced that they have been granted the rights once again. They will begin creating new Star Wars comics… Read More »

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The further a comic is from anything familiar, the more it is asking us to take the journey into a strange and unknown world with it. Unfortunately, Star Wars Legacy is just asking too much, and making all the wrong moves.

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  The Death Star is complete. The Rebels are on the run. After five years without a vacation, our trusty Stormtrooper wins an all expense paid trip to the galaxy’s most peaceful planet. Fun in the sun, adult beverages, exotic… Read More »

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Geeks and jocks hanging out together! Is it the end times or are we in stuck in some sort of Bizarro world? No folks, it’s just the Third Annual Star Wars Night at Marlins Park. On September 27th, fanboys and… Read More »

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Hardware Wars Ernie Fosselius, Frank Robertson, Scott Mathews, Jeff Hale 20th Century Foss 1977 A parody of Star Wars, presented in the form of a movie preview. Young Fluke Starbucker, under the tutelage of Auggie “Ben” Doggie, learns to master… Read More »

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Hot on the heels of another gaming convention that made slightly bigger headlines, The Origins Game Fair is all about role playing game, board games, and table top games. The cast is happy to bring back a past guest, Brian… Read More »

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    Speculazation about the upcoming Star Wars: Rebels is running wild lately, so the NerdCast crew is compelled to take a look at past Star Wars cartoons, and Disney’s handling of another animated Sci-fi series; Tron: Uprising! Podcast Powered… Read More »

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