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By Gene Hoyle, April 27, 2012 0 Podcast

  Hi everyone and welcome to this weeks episode of Nerd Nation.  

By geekadmin, April 27, 2012 1 Fan Made Short Film

A Large Army adventure! The Micronauts have enlisted the aid of the Shogun Warriors as they prepare to face off against the Mighty Avengers! But can the giant robots keep up with their diminutive counterparts? And all the combatants should be fearful of the sinister presence that awaits them on the battlefield..!

By geekadmin, April 26, 2012 0 Movies

  Samuel L. Jackson wants you to get high before you see the Avengers movie. Apparently it’s all about the Hulk weed.. Who knew the Hulk was a weed?

By geekadmin, April 25, 2012 1 Web Show

  This is a really cool Avengers trailer put together using scenes from classic Marvel Comics TV series, The Incredible Hulk, plus Death of the Incredible Hulk, Captain America 1 & 2, and scenes from KISS Meets The Phantom Of… Read More »

By Scott, April 25, 2012 0

I’m not exactly knocking it, because I am gonna see the movie. I’m just saying, WOW! Who would have thought his day would ever come?

By mikefavata, April 14, 2012 2

Recently brought back by Hasbro in 2012, The Return of Marvel Legends is already in it’s 2nd wave. Wave 2… Read More »

By geekadmin, April 13, 2012 1 Movies

  Here’s another great clip from the upcoming Avengers film.

By geekadmin, April 13, 2012 0 Movies

  Here is the latest clip from The Avengers. Enjoy!

By geekadmin, April 4, 2012 0 TV

  This is an ad for the Avengers toy-line at Target, and it’s pretty cool. Enjoy!

By geekadmin, April 4, 2012 0 Movies

Here’s the first clip from The Avengers movie showing Scarlett Johanson as the Black Widow, and showing off her new moves. This clip was found on ComingSoon.net. Enjoy!

By geekadmin, April 1, 2012 0 Events, Movies

  This could possibly be every comic book fans wet dream, The Ultimate Marvel Marathon is set to screen The Avengers at midnight, preceded by all five films that have setup the Avengers team. AMC Disney will be showing Iron… Read More »

By mikefavata, March 21, 2012 3

Hasbro’s The Avengers Wave 1 includes Super Shield Captain America, Battle Hammer Thor, Heavy Artillery Iron Man, Rocket Grenade Captain… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 19, 2012 0 Web Show

Remember in October when I posted The Avengers trailer, Sweded? Well, prepare yourself for the second Avengers trailer, Sweded!

By mikefavata, March 17, 2012 2

Starting with this review i’ll be changing my rating system from 5/5 to 10/10 for the new format. Hasbro’s The… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 15, 2012 0 Movies

    It seems that this Avengers trailer released in Japan shows just a little more than we got in the American trailer. It doesn’t show a whole lot more, but it does in fact show some real cool stuff,… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 9, 2012 0 TV

      You have already heard about The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that’s coming to Disney XD. Today, Marvel Comics announced that Disney XD will be getting an entire block of Marvel Comics animated shows. It sounds a little… Read More »

By geekadmin, March 9, 2012 2 Movies

  The latest word in the comic book movie rumor mill is that Spider-Man will be making an appearance in the Avengers movie. I don’t see this happening since licensing is split between two separate companies that hold the intellectual… Read More »