Tale of Shadows – The Making

In the summer of 2014, a small group of optimists gathered at an historic mansion among the orange groves and gas stations of central Florida. They were led by this man, Craig Bowers, a.k.a. Colonel Nigel Pennington.


They wanted to make a movie – a trans-dimensional steampunk adventure called A Tale of Shadows. They didn’t make a movie. I, Brian Downes, was one of their writers, and one of their actors. This video is what remains of their story.

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Brian Downes is a writer who lives in Orlando, Florida. His novel, The Berlin Fraternity, about a man who hunts vampires for the Third Reich, is available on the Kindle and through Amazon.com. He enjoys pen and paper roleplaying games and geek culture. He clearly remembers waiting for The Empire Strikes Back to hit theaters, and vindicate his opinion that of course Vader was not Luke's father. You can't trust Vader's word!

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