Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016

The Tampa Bay Comic Con took place on August 5th thru the 7th of 2016 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa Florida. Upon arrival at the show parking was pretty scarce and it took us at least an hour of driving around to find a parking spot. This was an obvious good sign that the convention is already packed with people.

So we found our spot across the water and over a bridge and had a short walk to the convention center following other fans who were on the way to the TBCC, many cosplayers, and comic book related t-shirts in our sights as we took our stroll and ended up at the convention center front entrance.

Outside the convention center was a line of food trucks with many hungry people in line and many, many more fans waiting to get in the door at the show. On entrance the place was already full of fans walking about. I could barely move around at first, but as people come and go the aisles would compress and decompress with fans as they wallowed from vendor to vendor.

The Tampa Bay Comic Con had some great guests. Comic Book guests included comic book artist and pioneer Allen Bellman, and legendary comic book artist George Perez.

Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn, Power Girl, Starfire)

Bernie Wrightson (Creepy, Eerie, Heavy Metal, House of Mystery, Swamp Thing)

Bob Layton (The Invincible Iron Man, Squadron Supreme, The Mighty Thor)

Michael Golden (The Micronauts, Spawn, The Punisher, Crystar, Rom)

Neal Adams (Detective Comics, Batman, Superman, The Brave and the Bold)

Peter David (The Incredible Hulk, X-Factor, Spider-man: 2099, Captain Marvel)

Other guests included Ian McDiarmid of Star Wars, Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead and RIDE with Norman Reedus, Charlie Cox of Daredevil and Boardwalk Empire. Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones, Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who, and Sean Astin from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

As I walked the aisles I saw plenty of cool pop culture oriented items from vintage comics and toys to video games and clothes. As I saw many people carrying bags of items and even boxes it appeared as the vendors were having a good weekend of sales.

I myself picked up some neat stuff and it’s rare for me to find something I really, really want these days, uh.. Err, well need rather. I can always use something new on one of my toy shelves. It just really has to catch my eye or be interesting enough for me.

I also got to see many friends who venture forth in to the con circles, this is one of the best parts for me about going to so many conventions, getting to see my friends and meeting new ones.

Tampa Bay Comic Con is always an impressive show and I look forward to being a patron to it and covering it for many more. On the way out we had a nice breezy walk back to the car as we crossed the water and said goodbye to many friends and discussed where we’d be meeting up next. In conclusion the 2016 Tampa Bay Comic Con was great and I had an awesome time covering it. You can click here to visit the Tampa Bay Comic Con website.


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