Tampa Bay Screams 2016

Tampa Bay Screams took place on August 27th at the Clarion Inn in Tampa, Florida. Upon arrival the parking wasn’t as bad as I thought. I found a parking space right away. This was a good sign because instead of going during the early afternoon hours on Saturday, I arrived late afternoon. As I walked up to the hotel there was a small patio area filled with tables and chairs. I saw some people chatting it up with drinks. There weren’t many people dressed up in cosplay; however, a lot of people were wearing horror related t-shirts and gear.

I pulled on a heavy solid black door which led inside the convention and was welcomed not only by red tinted lights, but by three helpful convention workers. All three were very welcoming and greeted me as if we were longtime friends. Inside, there weren’t many people; however, the people I did see glided from vendor to vendor.

Tampa Bay Screams convention had some great guests and vendors:


Rhonda Shear (USA’s “Up All Night”)

Forbes Riley (Splatter University)

Patty Mullen (Frankenhooker)

Ashley Lynn Caputo (Joe Vampire, Death-Scort Service)

Krystal Pixie Adams (Death-Scort Service, Naughty, Dirty, Nasty)

Cayt Feinics (American Guinea Pig, Death-Scort Service)

Todd Sheets (House of Forbidden Secrets)

Saharra Huxly (Fetish Model)

Nakoma Demitro (Cam-Girl)

Chantily Lace (Britany Dorch- Burlesque Dancer)

Eigh8t the Chosen One (Crack Baby Billionaire)

Bob Glazier (Amerikan Holokaust)

Krista Grote (H.G. Lewis’s The Uh-Oh Show, Joe Vampire, Filthy)


Gatorblade Films

The Sleaze Box

Cult Movie Mania

Grindhouse Video

Zombie Riot Media

Chamber of Terror

Curt Wiser (Cam-Girl movie)

Steve Balewitz (Rock Bottom Creek movie)

Bay of Blood Horror Convention

Dustin Hubbard (C-word Productions)

Rick Danford (Enigma Films)

This was the first Tampa Bay Screams and I’m definitely hoping there will be more. This convention wasn’t a large one, but due to it being smaller it felt intimate, as if it was made particularly for horror fans. There was something definitely for everyone, rather if you are into Grindhouse horror, exploitation horror, cult horror, independent films, films in general, collectibles, comics, and/or graphics.

Overall, I had an awesome time at Tampa Bay Screams. I saw many familiar faces rather if they were actors/actresses, directors or bloggers. It was awesome connecting with people who love what I love.


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