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Flip Camera


As I posted on our baby blog, we decided to pick up a small camera to take with us to the hospital to document our little one’s arrival but when I get to buy new gadgets, I go all out. I wasn’t satisfied with just getting the camera, I had to make sure that this would be a big-budget production.

We decided on the Flip Ultra HD 8GB model. A newer, thinner model just arrived so we were able to score last year’s model for less than $140 at Amazon. We’ve put it through the paces at our last baby shower and we are pretty pleased with the results. I love the 720p at 60fps and my wife digs how easy it is to use.

While researching the camera, I’d come across a couple of DIY vids on Youtube where people were SuperGluing wide angle lenses onto their Flips. Luckily offers official, Bower Magnetic .45 Wide Angle lenses, compatible with all their cameras, for $50. And while the lenses are still listed as “coming in october”, Amazon already has them in stock for only $39. And it’s worth it because (and why they don’t tell you this anywhere in the description is beyond me) but it’s actually two lenses in one. Not only do you get a wide angle but you get a macro lens as well. I’ve been able to go out and shoot some comparison samples, one of which I posted on Youtube, which you can find here. In the video you will notice the rounding edges of the lens in the upper left and right corners, that’s not always visible, it was my first time trying the lens out and I didn’t have it lined up properly. Sorry.

The last part of this set is the Joby Gorillapod Video. This tiny wonder only stands 7” tall and well worth the $30, which of course, you can find on Amazon here. As standard with any Gorillapod, you get the uber-articulated legs and magnetic feet, but with the Video version you get the 360º ball-joint head and pan/tilt arm which even collapses down for a smaller fit in your bag.

All in you’re looking at about $200 but I think you get your money’s worth considering you’re getting 720p, 60fps video that as easy to download as it is to shoot, .45 wide angle and macro lenses, a tripod that’s small enough to carry everywhere, sticks anywhere and the entire setup weighs less than 10 oz.! Not bad. So get ready, with this little setup with me all the time, I’ll be posting a lot of videos. Wonder what I can find to shoot this weekend?


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