Nintendo 2DS. Sadly… you read that right.



Nintendo has announced “the newest member of the 3DS family,” the 2DS. Nintendo’s new handheld will release along side Pokemon X and Y for $129.99.

The 2DS has the same specs as the 3DS, except for a few physical differences and the fact that it only displays in 2D. For instance the consoles is no longer a folding design and shares a form factor of something similar to tablet. It will also have slider that will put the device in sleep mode similarly to closing the DS. Also the 2DS will play 3DS games in 2D as well as DS and nintendo 3DS e-shop games.

The 2DS is made to be an introductory handheld for younger gamers for whom the 3DS’s 3D visuals are not healthy for them to be viewing. Will this be success in that regard I don’t know, but the lower price point could be just what it needs to be successful. You can pick up the 2DS on October 12, 2013 in two colors, Blue/Black and Red/Black.




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