Rockin’ My LunaTik!



I’ve been rockin’ my LunaTik watch band since learning about it through it’s kickstarter program last year and I’ve been loving it. But after about a year, I can say that I’m a little sick of the two watch faces that Apple offers on their awesome little Nano. I have my choice of white or black with red accents, or blue if you choose the white over black setting. They’re cool and all but how about some options Apple?

Well it looks like Apple listened. Last week’s Nano software update added not one but 16 new watch faces … and boy did they go all out. And adding digital faces wasn’t enough, they’ve added chronograph styles, LED faces and even Mickey Mouse and the Muppets Kermits and Animal.

I hope this is just a taste of what’s to come but these faces should keep me happy … at least for the next year or so.

To check out the faces on watches, head over to Apple’s Nano page and scroll down.


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