Sony’s Got Vita Announcements! They may be for japan only!


Sony put on a pre-show before TGS this past year. Their were two major announcements pertaining to the future of Playstation vita, at least in Japan.

The first of those announcements was a redesign for the PS Vita. With the redesign Sony makes the Vita thinner, lighter, and now in six different colors. There also a few other differences such as the game card slot has been centered and the mystery slot has been removed.

The touch-pad on the back has much smaller area and to compensate for the finger grips have been expanded. All these changes are minor compared to the to change they’ve made to the screen which just happens to be replacing the OLED screen with and LCD screen.

No one who has gone hands on with it has said there was no a major difference that I know of, but my concern is that LCD screens don’t hold very well over time and I’m wondering how it will hold up on the new vita.

The Playstation Redesign Vita Colors.

The second Vita related announcement is PSVita TV! This is the smallest piece of hardware that has the Playstation brand on it. Like Apple TV and Roku, PsVita TV will allow the consumer to stream video services to your TV. At the time they only showed Japan related streaming providers, but i’m sure if it were to come to the west it would allow streaming of providers like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime… If it comes to the west.

On top of that feature it has a vita game card and Vita memory card allowing you to play Vita, PSP, and PSone games on your television using the DualShock 3. The Last thing they showed the PSVita TV could do was stream the Playstation 4 to any room that the PSVita TV is in. I don’t see why a device like this would come to the west especially considering it would only cost about $100 American.

The back of the PSVita TV. As you can see it's just barely taller that the ethernet port.
The front of the PSVita TV and the controller that it comes with.


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