The Functions of Computers in Different Industries

Once little more than a novel luxury, computers today are now a crucial part of modern living. Since the computer was invented, and filled with everything from new software and hardware, to the latest in Internet connections, we have been exploring this innovation and discovering what it can do to improve our lives.

Computers have made us more productive, more efficient, and in some cases happier, and we are using them throughout just about every imaginable professional field.

Engineers and architects, energy producers and communication providers all use computers to deliver services and products. Even the smallest of businesses use computers as points of sale, and a location to keep general records. So how can we recognize the functions of computers in the world today?

The Basic Components of a Computer

Before we begin discussing the way in which different industries utilize computers to make their businesses more efficient, we should first look into the basic, and crucial aspects that make up a computer system. A computer is made up of numerous complicated pieces of technology, all packed into a single case.

The case contains all of the different components of the computer, including the motherboard, computer module, the processor, the various memory modules, and the hard drive. While changing these components can be difficult in a laptop, a desktop computer allows for far more customization regarding the parts inside of the case.

The motherboard is the part of the computer where you store and attach expansion cars, external devices, memory modules, and the computer processor. On the other hand, the random access memory or RAM is a memory storage facility that functions as the computer is in use. Both of these parts are essential to the effective use of any computer.

Now that we understand a little more about how a computer works, we can discuss its function within various professional industries.

Computers in Education

Computers have established a dominant position in the field of education, which can help to significantly enhance a child’s performance in regards to learning. Even learning from a distance has been made more productive and effective thanks to the use of video software and Internet connections.

Computers in Medicine and Health

Today, most of our medical information has been digitized, all the way from reports to prescriptions. Computers in the field of medicine and health allow for us to offer more varied therapies to patients. After all, treatments such as radiotherapy and ECGs were not available before computers had been introduced. Computers have literally saved lives, thousands of them in fact. Perhaps millions depend on how you want to look at it.

Computers in Finance

Computers are absolutely crucial to the financial industry. Financial institutions like banks and other credit unions utilize computers for a range of different reasons. First and foremost, they use the memory of computers to store excessive information about various different account holders.

This means that they can have access to information about a person without having to worry about piles of paperwork. What’s more, the same database can contain information about cash flow, to ensure that everyone has access to the information that they need to keep a bank running smoothly.

Computers can be used as a weapon as well. This is why sound and honorable institutions must protect themselves from computer attacks.

Computers in Transportation

With the assistance of faster Internet connections on our computer systems, it is possible to learn the details of flights, trains, and busses that would get us from one location to another. The timing of journeys, as well as the updates on delays can be known through computers, and we can even book tickets online with a few pieces of important information.

What’s more, the staff at various transport systems keep track of trains, flights, and passengers using computer systems. On top of all this, we can even use computers to get access to instant directions and traffic information when traveling somewhere ourselves.

Computers in Business and Commerce

Every piece of information a company shares can be recorded through a computer, from paychecks to official deals. Email systems can be used to collaborate with other people throughout your business, and online cloud storage means sharing files is easier than ever before. What’s more, the advent of the Internet has made online shopping hugely popular throughout the world today, as consumers can search for the best deal in their local area and buy an item with the click of a couple of keystrokes.


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