The 2nd Annual 2016 Clermont Comic Con

There was fun to be had at the 2016 Clermont Comic Con over at the Clermont Performing Arts Center. Tons of comic book and pop culture vendors were there to show off their wares as well as an artists alley. Cosplayers wandered from room to room while adoring fans asked for photographs.

Special cosplay guests included Daisy Chain of Daisy Chain Cosplay, Shellane and Dean Demarest of Cos A Commotion Cosplay, Kira Chi A, Ivy Cosplay, Maria Saber, and Princess Lymari.

Shellane and Dean had a Gotham set piece the added to the photo op experience while Ivy and Selina Kyle was on board. Ivy Cosplay donned two variant Wonder Woman costume pieces while Princess Lymari wore the Dark Supergirl ensemble.

Maria Saber did a nice throwback for Mortal Kombat fans in her Sindel costume with authentic and alluring eyes representative of the character. Daisy Chain went off the chain with her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn outfit.

Comic book guests included graphic artist and illustrator Bill Marimon, comic colorist, Jeff Balke, Dark Horse artist Karl Moline, Chaos! Comics, Image Comics, and Top Cow Comics inker and artist Richard Bonk, Indy comic artist Larry “Spike” Jarrell, inker/illustrator Tony Kordos, Micronauts artist Pat Broderick, Korgi artist and creator Christian Slade, Batman Beyond artist and inker Joe Fauvel, Ultimate 7 artist Shawn Surface, Rochelle The Teen Cockroach’s creator John Crowther, writer Roland Mann, artist/colorist Mike Spicer, Punisher and Batman writer Chuck Dixon, Garfield artist and DC, Marvel, Innovation, and Image penciler Gary Barker, and finally George Pérez who is writer and illustrator for DC’s Wonder Woman, Teen Titans, and The Avengers.

Other media guests, an artists alley, and book authors were prevalent showing off their latest creations to be admired in the homes of geeks in the central Florida area. The venue was nicely set upon a hilltop overlooking in a northward direction towards Highway 27 and the Citrus Tower. The weather was just perfect for the November event.

Historically the Clermont Comic Con got its start in 2015 with over a 1600 count of attendees front and center. That’s an exciting first start!

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