The Angry Video Game Nerd Under Attack For Suspicion of Misuse of Donated Funds For AVGN Movie

Let me start by saying I like the web series “The Angry Video Game Nerd.” In fact I can say that last month the web show caused me to have a slower data speed on my smart phone earlier in the month than that usually happens (I have one of those unlimited data plans that is only unlimited in name.) Something about the show connects with me, and I’m not alone. There are thousands of web goers that month after month come back to the youtube channel as well as the website and reaffirm that the combination of nostalgia, abusive language, and fights with childhood cartoon characters is just what the thirtysomething market craves after a hard day at work.

I recently realized I had youtube on my xbox live account and was happy to waylay my normal television watching schedule to go into the AVGN archives and catchup on all that I had missed (I only recently discovered the show.) The interesting thing was, after I had watched all that was available on youtube I found additional videos that were referencing the video game nerd. Now I’m no new comer to the internet (although I do like to leave the cliquey parts to those who have the time energy and idiocy) so I wasn’t surprised to see that there were  a few angry videos regarding this young man and his program. What I was surprised to see was the reason. Various angry gamers/internet opinioners spoke out against the Nerd not for the content of his videos or the bashing of some cherished game, but for the Nerd’s fundraising methods in reference to his proposed Angry Video Game Nerd Movie.

The allegations were based on a few things from what I could gather. The first being that whereas James Rolfe had originally pitched an estimate of something like 75k as a goal on his fundraising website, when he surpassed that goal the fundraising continued. At my last count it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 300k+. So the complaint there is “why did the fundraising continue after the goal was met?”  Another complaint was that the AVGN was selling plush toys with his likeness for around twenty dollars. Beyond this all the complaints seem to begin to mix together and sound the same.

It’s amazing to me that a guy who built something from the ground up with nothing but his friend’s borrowed video game and a video camera could even get to the point of having such a large following on youtube, much more so be able to raise such a significant amount of money, which apparently is the second most raised in this way (pretty impressive.) I mean is this what we’ve come to? The posters that I saw in negative contexts were mostly American, and that frustrates and confuses me even more. If anything James Rolfe should be a role model to be held up and followed as far as how to have a creative original idea and follow through with it . He’s landed the American Dream. He’s his own boss, does something he’s passionate about, and he’s successful at it.

Are the rumors of AVGN misuse of funds true? Who knows? Maybe the IRS does, and if it’s true, someone might eventually pay for it. As far as me you and the average interneter, we’ll never know the truth. If a AVGN movie shows up we’ll know atleast some of the money went to renting a camera, and as far as I’m concerned that’s satisfaction of the agreement. Funny that such a stink is raised over something like this, but none of these jackholes are saying anything about misappropriation of donated funds to charities that deal with real issues, like starving orphans and aids. No we need to get to the bottom of this Video Game Movie thing, because holy hopping Hamster shit it’s a travesty if a guy that spent the better part of a decade making free entertainment for the masses gets something back for it.

Shame on those people for giving this guy any grief. It was all fine and good when he wasn’t asking for anything for his work, but as soon as he does he’s transformed from their role model to a Judas. I for one hope he sells the whole damned thing to Google or some other soulless corporation that the same assholes that are talking out against him claim are so evil, and that he spends the rest of his nerdy existence moving from one beautiful exotic mistress to another. The only thing that would be better than that is to know for certain that every time one of those people that are trying to hold him back are telling the latest customer about their video game store’s Gamer Rewards card that they think about him and the success that they’re too charismatically and testicularly challenged to ever achieve.

I’m done now. God Speed Nerd, some of us think you’re just peachy.

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  1. Marin Baltaliiski April 5, 2014 at 11:32 am - Reply

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  4. Marin Baltaliiski April 5, 2014 at 11:47 am - Reply

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