The Zelda Project Releases “The Final Battle” Movie Trailer

Founded over five years ago, the fan-organization known as The Zelda Project has dedicated itself to bringing the beloved Legend of Zelda series to life through a marriage of fantastical photography and professional cosplay. Comprising a  team of cosmetic, photographic, cosplay, and artistic talents, The Zelda Project has just recently released its most ambitious endeavor yet… one that has been over two years in the making.


That 730-day labor of love is “The Final Battle”–a fan-made film depicting the Hero of Time’s ultimate battle with the notorious Ganondorf in Hyrule Castle. Despite being loosely based on Ocarina of Time, “The Final Battle” will be a re-imagining of its iconic events and take liberties along the way. Each of the characters has been given a unique wardrobe upgrade, for instance; and while this fan-film will focus on particular character “relationships,” the project manager has assured fans that “shipping” will not be a part of the process. In the words of Sarah Quillian:

Writing for a Zelda story is difficult in a sense that it must be able to both please fans, and satisfy new audiences that go to see it with no clue what Zelda is about. Those audiences must be able to watch the movie, and understand what is going on. The movie cannot be too long, and the events in the movie cannot be rushed. It is easy to incorporate pairings and love triangles in a video game because there is endless play time, but for a standard live-action movie meant to be on the mainstream big screen, the story has to be succinct, yet enjoyable. The film itself will not really be focused on pairings. There is love, but it won’t necessarily be the romantic love that everyone might be thinking of.

The Zelda Project has stated that the teaser for “The Final Battle” may not be representative of the final film, and also that the teaser itself serves as a sort of “prequel” to the events taking place within the actual movie. Regardless, this fan film shows real promise–strong cinematic work, impressive costuming, and fantastical special effects. One thing’s for certain: the movie will definitely be something to look forward to later this year.

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