Three Friends Sneak Into Disney’s Abandoned Discovery Island


I just found this super crazy story about three childhood friends who grew up in Florida and had heard rumors about an abandoned Disney theme park just off of the shore of Bay Lake and River Country.

The story goes that Disney closed it due to potential disease, and being overwhelmed by large alligators and vultures. So it was shut down and never to be spoke of again, well at least until these three friends came up with a plan to infiltrate the island.

The original post is from 2009 when the three friends decided to take the plunge and swim to the island under cover of darkness. The images and the story that go along with all that entails in their adventure is somewhat creepy and eerie. It’s hard to believe that so many of us go to the Disney parks and resorts and have no idea of the existence of this hidden island, maybe we did at one time, and after it was closed we all just forgot about it?

I’m not re-posting, the entire story, the link is below and well worth the time to read if you want to know about some weird, spooky Disney stuff. I’m also posting the WESH 2 newscast from when it happened.

Discovery Island


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