Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Gets An Extended Trailer And Timeslot


Normally I wouldn’t post this on a Wednesday because I try and use this day for only comic book reviews, and I try to stay as steady on that role as possible; but when I saw the extended trailer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and realized it was just a smidgen better than the original I knew I had to post it today.

A little more is revealed in this trailer, keep your eyes and ears open and listen up. Yes, it seems as if most of it could just be out of the Marvel Movie Universe, and I’m not so keen on who I thought may have been certain characters as I mentioned in the previous post of the original trailer.

What I know for the moment is two things, J. August Richards plays a role as a hero in the show, at first glance I thought he may have been Luke Cage, Rage or Gauntlet, or what about if we got a Night Thrasher, which would be perfect street level heroes for this show, but now after watching this trailer I feel he portrays none of them, but he does have some key role, at least in the pilot. I just hope he’s not some made for TV character, a-la 1996’s Russell Tresh in the Generation X made for TV movie, or even worse no matter how much I love the old Hulk and Spider-man television series I was always tired of watching them fight major nobodies who were made up for these shows, I mean Spider-man fought better villains on The Electric Company,  just saying. I have my fingers crossed, Marvel, or Disney, whichever of you is taking up for this, most likely Disney since they own the ABC Network and this is where it will be premiering.

Secondly, I am now more affirmed on my belief that this series will be something along the lines of The X-Files, Fringe, or Warehouse 13, but with superheroes, and I would think supervillains, I mean what is a hero without a nemesis, right?

Lastly, I’m happy to see that Joss Whedon has a hand in this and that it will be coming out of his Avengers, and as much I liked Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, what I’m hoping not to see is the same style of show, but in a Marvel landscape. I guess we’ll find out when it begins on Tuesdays at 9pm, and looks like it may be going head to head with Grimm.

In any case, let me end my ranting and let you click the link below.


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