First Look At J. August Richards As Deathlok In Agents Of Shield



I have to admit that I stopped watching this show a few months back because it’s really terrible. I didn’t know how many more X-Files and Fringe like story lines I could take before I just absolutely keeled over and kicked it. So as a fan I have no idea what’s going on in the series as of late because I turned my back on another bad comic book television series.

So just imagine the bang I got on my head when I found out that Deathlok an actual character who exists in the 616 MU is coming to AoS. I was actually enthralled, not that Deathlok is the greatest character or anything, but it’s the fact that we’re actually getting him on the show.

Now.. Just imagine how many times I must have banged my head on the table when I found out that Deathlok will be played by none other than J. August Richards who since the first episode has had a recurring role on the show as a neutral character with super powers given to him by a drug known as centipede.

I think it was Scott who mentioned that we’d see J. August Richards again, not too long after he was shot in the head with an ice bullet. Scott had a feeling the J. August Richards would return as someone and take up a role with the AoS team, and now it looks as if his prediction has just begun to make a lead back in to the show as Deathlok.

Okay, so you’re already reading this, so now read on as I complain about shit. Is it just me or is J. August Richards wearing a Lazer Tag vest with a belt and pleated pants? Is this really the Deathlok we’re going to get? Please tell me that he will get fucked up and end up in a read and silver costume and half a metal face and an automatic laser rifle attached to his ass by an electrical chord.

What I’m saying is that as a fan I’d like to see more of this


..And less of this…

’nuff said!


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