Marvel Universe To Premiere In April On Disney XD




You have already heard about The Ultimate Spider-Man animated series that’s coming to Disney XD. Today, Marvel Comics announced that Disney XD will be getting an entire block of Marvel Comics animated shows. It sounds a little like DC Nation on Cartoon Network? Maybe, but now it looks like The Ultimate Spider-Man will be joining forces in a back- to-back triple feature with the ongoing Superhero Squad, The Avengers, and a rumored fourth show featuring Powerman & Iron Fist. What do you think about a Marvel Comics block on Disney XD? Let me know in the comments.

Update: A young Power Man and Iron Fist will be prominently featured on The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon. Looks like they won’t be getting their own show after all. Would you like to see a show that just spotlights the classic Iron Fist/Luke Cage team-up? Let me know in the comics!


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