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Growing up a child of the 1970s and 1980s The Tomorrow People was a show that I grew up watching along side some of my other most loved childhood BBC shows such as Blake’s 7, Doctor Who, and Red Dwarf. So a few years back when I heard that The Tomorrow People was coming back to television I was thrilled because I was expecting A BBC series something along the lines of the last years of the new ongoing Doctor Who series, until tonight when I finally saw the trailer for The Tomorrow People.

When I was a kid, The Tomorrow People were the closest thing to The Uncanny X-Men, the show is about teenagers born to normal human parents, and the kids are normal until a certain time in life, which is their teens and they go through something called a “break out”. It’s exactly what happens to teens in the Marvel Universe when the mutant gene awakes within them and they discover they have super powers or abilities.

So as a kid, this was a pretty cool show. So you could imagine my dismay when I found out that it’s a CW show. As I watch this trailer all I see is CW written all over it, it’s obviously not written for fans of the original series, but for fans of typical CW shows. Okay, so when it comes to the geek stuff that I truly love, I’m somewhat of a purist. It just can’t be helped.

As I watch this trailer I see reminiscences of terrible shows of the past and even worse CW type of shows, one of them being Mutant X, anyone remember that one? This series came out five years after the Generation X television pilot which starred Matt Frewer and was on the FOX Network, a step up from this was another awful show called HEROES, and SyFy Channels Alphas, which was well, a little better than the previously mentioned. Okay, so I’m not gonna lie and say that I never watched bad TV shows, I’m all about bad television, so yes as a kid I was super excited to watch The Amazing Spider-man with Nicholas Hammond, and of course The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby, and down the line every other bad superhero show that Marvel and DC through out on to the world of television.

..But this is 2013! Why are we still getting shows like this? Okay, so let’s give this show the benefit of the doubt as I haven’t seen it, yet. I did like the first couple episodes of ARROW, but then it just died on me. I can’t take all the wishy-washy soap opera junk that goes on in a show like that, plus all the changes from DC continuity. I know, it’s a television series, it’s not gonna be like the comic, yada, yada, yada, yack, yack, yack!

Welcome to my ongoing struggle of separation between a comic book universe and TV and/or movie universe. In the end, my opinion is only one in 313.9 million, and this is just from viewing the trailer, who knows this could turn out to be an awesome show, or not, but this is something that us as fans will have to just figure out for ourselves. Okay, I’m gonna shut up now and let you watch the trailer…


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