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Last weekend I had the personal experience of going to Ultra-Con 2013, which was held at the Ramada Inn Miami Airport North (1950 W. 49st. Hialeah) on Saturday and Sunday March 23rd and 24th.

There were many different exhibitors ranging from the show’s promoter Irving Santiago showcasing his G.I. Joe collection for sale (ranging from the classic 12 inch figures and weapons/vehicles/accessories to the 1980?s line of 3-3/4 inch figures and vehicles, as well as the 25th. anniversary and modern line through to the latest movie G.I.Joe: Retaliation line), to comics and various toys from CJ’s comics, to Star Wars toys. There were also other dealers selling various wares from comics from Crazy ED’s, to Star Wars toys, to even sports cards and memorabilia. The 2 main highlights from this show were the appearances from UFC fighter Mike ‘The Wolverine’ Rio, who was there supporting Autism awareness, as well as the costume contest held on Sunday (The winners a tie voted on by the audience).

Overall, the show was a great one, and i also had some fun at it as I got to see some stuff at the show I hadn’t seen since my childhood, such as the classic mail-away for a 12-figure dispaly stand from 1978 from Star Wars when it was licensed by Kenner back then before their purchase and merger into Hasbro in 1995. I also got to ask some questions to Mike Rio about UFC and how it differs from other Fighting sports such as MMA/Bellator, and he politely answered back the differences. He even told me how he trains for a fight beforehand, speaking of which, I’m going to give a quick promo shout-out on here to see him in action on FX networks on May 18 as he fights Live in Brazil.

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JDOC is a longtime comic geek whose love for comics and classic animation (WB/HB/ MGM/Disney) knows no bounds. Hes been to many conventions in Florida over the years since the early 90's, including Megacon since 2003.

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