Ultracon (12/2014)

121314162515Hi all and this is JDOC once again with another con review. This con review is the last one for the year in 2014 from yours truly, and this one covers Ultracon 3, run by promoter Irving Santiago Sr., which was held on Saturday and Sunday Dec. 13 and 14, 2014 inside the Broward County Convention Center, located right next door to Port Everglades in FT. Lauderdale off the SE 17st. Causeway and Eisenhower Blvd.

This time around, the new featured guests were : Larry Hama (Creator/Writer/Cover Artist- G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero currently published by IDW Comics licensed from Hasbro toys); Cosplayers’ Callie Cosplay, Heather 1337, and Aquaman Rick Stafford; Steve Cardenas (Rocky- Red ranger 2: MMPR, Zeo Blue), Sculptor Brian Muir (creator-Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets: Star Wars saga), and WCW/WWE former Tag Team champs The Nasty Boys: Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags. Returning for another appearance at the show were both Larry Mainland (Walking Dead- various zombies, Cartoon Network’s Pilot Movie for the tv series: Game Over- evil game zombie), and UFC fighter Mike ‘The Volverine’ Rio. This show also featured various vendors, had appearances from both the 501st Garrison from Star Wars and the 1701st Fleet from Star Trek, and a charity pic event featuring 2 custom motorcycles of Iron Man and a version of the Batpod from the Batman: Dark Knight trilogy- with $ paid for pics going to various Shriner’s hospitals from Hot Wheels motorcycle customs. There were also various activities at the con, ranging from panel discussions to sit at (one hosted by Rick himself, which i was unable to make due to my double duty at the show as both reporter and show worker), to face paintings, to the normal video game and card game (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic:The Gathering) tournaments held as well run by Heroes and Villains Comics and Games. This time around, another cosplay contest was held both days, but the grand prize was $300 each day for this show.

A day prior to the show, Ultracon had a charity event at the Children’s Hospital in Broward on Friday Dec. 12,2014, which featured signings by Steve Cardenas as the main highlight. I was unable to attend since i made it to the show for the weekend only, but I heard it was a success. Pat Broderick had originally been scheduled to appear at the show and charity event, but cancelled at the last minute due to his workload on working for a new project for DC Comics, but I believe it may have been the result of his comments that have been recently been published on his facebook page regarding cosplayers instead (which I have chosen not to make any links in regards to it at this time since it’s already out there on many sites).

An interesting highlight at the show was Bruce Carr putting his unique balloon cosplaying techniques to good use as he came as the Red Ranger’s T-Rex zord and had fun alongside Steve Cardenas. My personal highlight for the show itself was Saturday night, when I enjoyed a pleasant dinner alongside the Nasty Boys at a BBQ restaurant after the show closed, again having done double duty not only reporting this show, but also working there as well.

This show was another pleasant experience for yours truly, as I not only got to meet everyone there, but also got to enjoy myself in between as I saw my friends and met new ones as well in terms of the Nasty Boys. I also enjoyed working the show, ensuring that the guests were well taken care of, getting drinks and anything else they may have needed. I also was able to get some signatures from both Larry Hama (and an original G.I. Joe sketch for $20) and the Nasty Boys (as well as getting a T-Shirt from the Nasty Boys as well). Overall, this was yet another successful Ultracon experience for yours truly, and I cant wait for next year in 2015 to see what’s next. Again, sadly, this is the last con for the year for yours truly, but dont worry, for 2015 as Arnold in the Terminator says: I’ll Be Back. So Bye to 2014 and hello to 2015 soon and new cons- See Ya!!! Comments always welcome and as always my link to the con pics:

Click here for the latest pictures from Ultracon of South Florida.


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