Ultracon of South Florida – November 2015

Hi all, once again it’s yours truly the JDOC here with another con review. This time we cover another Ultracon extravaganza show. This show was held at the West Palm Beach Fairgrounds from Nov. 21-22, located near Gate 10.

This show was a first for the South Florida area, because not only did you have the regular wares at the show of vendors and cosplay guests, as well as featured guests, there was also 2 other events going on later that day on Saturday: The return of cosplay wrestling, which i will get into later, and MMA fighting, which i will also cover later in this review. For this show, the cosplayer guests were: Danica Rockwood, Ellei Marie, Nerd Bunny (costume contest emcee as well), Jedi Brian, S15 cosplay, and Haute Cosplay.

For the guests: From Power Rangers- Nakia Burrise (Tanya- Zeo Ranger yellow, Turbo Ranger yellow), Catherine Sutherland (Kat- Pink Ranger 2, Zeo Ranger pink, Turbo Ranger pink), Paul Schrier (Bulk), Jason Narvy (Skull), Michael Copon (Lucas- Blue Time Force Ranger); David Vincent (voice actor:Bleach anime series; various video games for consoles ranging from Nintendo, to Xbox, to Sony Playstation, as well as PC games); and Rocky Johnson (Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s dad- Saturday only).

There was also from the Sy-Fy show: Face-Off competition: Omar Sereddo and Derek Garcia, who had some fabulous designs on their tables. The Imperial 501st Garrison-Everglades Divison, as well as the 1701st Fleet, both representing Star Wars and Star Trek respectively, were also there, as well as the Ghostbusters, and Jesse Melero (who is still recovering from a nasty motorcycle accident awhile back, but is almost back up to 100% fighting form with his masks and creations).

Now onto the 2 special events: First the return of cosplay wrestling. Folks, The Commander is back, and this time with a vengeance, as an ‘ultra’ power has stepped in take over the void after a 1 year absence from a former ‘super’ power.

The featured wrestlers were Chun-Li, Mario, Wario, Link, Daredevil, Bullseye, Deadpool,
Crossbones, Winter Soldier, and one other who escapes my mind at the moment (If the wrestlers read this, please comment after this so I know who the other wrestler was so I can credit him as well in a later article edit). In order of card matches:

Chun-Li vs Link (Link wins via pinfall)

Ash vs Master Roshi (Roshi wins via pinfall)

Daredevil vs Bullseye (Bullseye wins via pinfall, but DD strikes back after the match via kick)

Mario vs Deathstroke (Mario wins ala the Dudley Boys, using a table made from pizza boxes as he slams him down on them , then pinfall)

Deadpool vs Wario (Wario wins via pinfall)

Main event for the championship belt- Crossbones vs Winter Soldier (Winter Soldier wins via pinfall. There was also a free-for-all as the ref was temporarily k.o.’d inside in between the title action as Chun-Li, Mario, Cammy (female ref), Wario, Deadpool, Roshi, Wario, Ash, Link, Bullseye, and Deathstroke got involved while he was out cold, but awakened in time to count the fall and award the belt to the Soldier)

This was a great wrestling card, and as a bonus I even got to work the camera for the matches as an event staff helper for Ultracon itself again.

The second special event was the MMA fights. A total of 5 matches were held inside an octagon fighting ring. I didnt get to watch the matches because i was working at the show, but I heard there were some great fights, including the Main Event, which only lasted 9 seconds.

Although I did have fun at the show, I regret not getting the chance to take a pic w/both bulk and skull at the show itself, since I was working the event as well, having ferried several of the guests to and from the con itself for the weekend.- talk about double duty (note to self: next time, make time to get pics of any celebs you see or are transporting to the show before you start doing anything else).

On the several trips I made I was able to talk to Bulk and Skull for a few minutes and ask them about their current projects (as well as have a mini adventure of sorts for Dunkin Donuts coffee on Sunday). I also had a conversation with David Vincent, and we talked about the union struggle going on currently in the video game industry over voice actors’ pay and other issues involved with it, as well as another adventure on Sunday as I waited for him outside Walmart while he went in to get some power bars to recharge for the show. Then I had another conversation with Michael Copon about his current, as well as any future projects in the works as i took him to the show as well.

Overall, this was a great show and I cant wait to be at another one- Ultracon really outdid themselves and I hope to see more of this diversity in future shows. So, this is my last con for the year 2015, but 2016 should be an even better year for more cons hopefully for yours truly to be at. So as always, this is the JDOC sayin see ya at a con near you, and if you guys ever see me, feel free to ask me about my fun taxi adventures from Ultracon in november, and as always comments are welcome to improve my reports.


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Pictures by John Cruz and Greg Rice

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