More Funding For Mighty No.9!

It seems Keiji Inafune -Director Of Mighty No.9 and Creator of Megaman/Rockman– Needs our help to get Beck in more places then just games. In this video recently put up on the Comcept youtube channel he says “It goes without saying that the funding we received in the previous kickstarter will take care of the present game, but with everyones help -and through new funding– we can make the game evolve even further.” He goes on to mention the possibility of movies and things of that nature to help grow the experience. Whatever he has planned I’m sure we are all excited. I personally hope that the fruit based warriors from their april fools joke make their way in as DLC. One can be seen briefly in the bottom left hand corner at the 4 minute 19 second mark. If you wish to donate heres a link!

Here is the new funding video.

The video feature some gameplay of Call -Beck’s sister– as well as a better look at some of Beck’s transformations and some of the bosses he will go up against.


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