New Smash Bros Characters! Captain Falcon and More!



Nintendo decided after some of the dust had settled post EVO 2014 that they would unveil some new characters for the upcoming Super Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS. Some of the main characters from the latest Fire Emblem 3DS release- Fire Emblem Awaking– including Lucina, Robin (the tactician), and Chrom -Chrom may only be available during Robin’s final smash– were all shown in a new smash trailer! These were defiantly all characters people have been asking for and of the three the biggest surprise was Robin. They did mention that Robin would be playable as a male or a female which is super cool considering Robin is simply an avatar in fire emblem that allows you to make them your own so having the option between the two genders brings it closer to the game that they come from.

Captain falcon -A Smash Bros regular– was also announced with all-stars from Fire Emblem Awaking. I think everyone saw this coming, but they didn’t show any of his gameplay in the trailer (trailer at the bottom). We can assume he’ll be a lot like previous incarnations of himself with adjustments made to work well in the new game. As we get closer to release more information will be coming and you can bet will have it all here for you to read!


Enjoy this awesome Trailer! provided again by the lovely people at IGN!


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