SPECULATION – Full Roster Leaked for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS!


This is just a rumor: but in an article by SRK, the full roster for the upcoming Super Smash Bros may have been leaked. If these images are true: veteran fighters Nes, Dr.Mario, R.O.B, Falco, Wario, Ganondorf, Mr. Game and Watch, and Jigglypuff make their return and newcomers like Bowser Jr. (Yoshi’s Island), Dark Pit (Kid Icarus Uprising), Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles), and the Dog and a Duck from Duck Hunt. Crazy Right!? Here’s the potentially real photographic evidence.


A look at the full roster.

Here's a slightly better look at Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles in Smash.

Here's a look at angry Dr. Mario. He's mad you haven't been taking your vitamins.

Duck Hunt looks so good! I hope this is real.


There is a potential that this is fake because there doesn’t seem to be a place to select Mii fighters, but there could always be a separate menu for players to select Mii fighters. As information becomes we’ll be sure to bring it to you.


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