Well at least the 3DS version.


Nintendo recently held on of their famous Nintendo directs and the this one was completely focused on Super Smash Bros! This direct was also host ed solely by the games director Masahiro Sakurai. Mr. Sakurai begin with stating release windows for both games and they happen to be at different times with the 3DS version due this summer and the WiiU version due out in the later half of the year sometime in winter.

He briefly mentioned some of the technical aspects of the 3DS of version of which to say i am very impressed. The characters will move and fight at 60 frames per second (FPS) and will continue to due so while in the stereoscopic 3D mode.


After that he began mention stages and reiterated the fact that though there would be similarities that each console will have its own unique stages and that the one they do share will look different as a result.

Mr. Sakurai spoke about how important building an online community is for Smash and mentioned to new online games modes with varying rules sets for when one is playing online with strangers. “For Fun” and “For Glory” are the names of the modes. For Fun represents the usual player match one would find in most fighting games. The Rules for this mode are as follow: Stages picked at random no Final Destination, all items and final smash. For Glory is am sure you’ve guessed the ranked match version of online fighting in the new Smash Bros and the rules are: Only Final Destination, no items or final smash. Because Final Destination will be the only level used in for glory many if not all of the levels have been given a somewhat Final Destination makeover, with just a signal platform in the middle. Additionally when playing with friends, feel free to changes the rules and pick whatever items and stages you like whether online or offline.


Items, assist trophies, and Pokemon were all shown off next. Plenty of old faces returning with a few new one that got me real jazzed like Elecman as an asset trophy or the sweet jet pack flight item. I was also surprised to see how many new Pokemon there were as well as the including of the master ball which will only contain very rare and powerful Pokemon.

Characters were up next on the docket and he started by going over some changes for the old characters for instance, Yoshi now stands upright which they say make him a better character. I don’t know about that, but he looks a lot cooler! what was most exciting about this was to hear that there will be no more transforming characters and that Zero-Suit Samus and Sheik Would be making a return as stand alone characters.


Two new characters also joined the fray. Charizard, further showing their dedication to no more transforming characters and Greninja the final evolved form of Froakie, one of the starter Pokemon from latest game in the series. Both look to be very awesome characters and I can’t wait to get my hands on this game!


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